Brandon Willis Entry #1

Last year NoleDigest gave its readers an inside look at the recruiting process when Lonnie Pryor did a diary about his recruitment. For the 2010 recruiting cycle NoleDigest will have Byrnes standout Brandon Willis gives us an inside look at his recruitment. In his first entry Brandon talks about the schools he's interested in, and among other things when he thinks he may make a commitment.

Diary Entry No. 1

Recruiting has gotten off to a pretty good start. Along with the offers I have so far Cal and LSU have offered me over the past couple weeks. LSU just sent the offer, but Cal actually came to my school to offer me, Marcus (Lattimore) and Corey (Miller) in person. I thought that was pretty cool.

It's early but I have a list of top 6 schools. Right now I'm not really putting one above the other for certain, but I do have a top in Florida State.

1) FSU: They are showing the most interest in me. I've been down there quite a few times now and I like it more each time. Coach Haggins cares about me more than just a football player. He talks to me about everyday stuff like school and just about myself.

2) Cal: I like the coaches there. The defensive line coach is a young guy. I'm interested in them and I want to go out there to check them out.

3) North Carolina: I've been there a lot and I think Coach Blake is a good coach and cool guy. He's put a lot of guys in the NFL.

4) Georgia: They have some good coaches there who develop their guys pretty well.

5) Clemson: The coaches there are down to earth like Coach Haggins at FSU, and they put guys in the league.

6) LSU: They've just gotten into it but they're a big program that's had a lot of success and have put people in the NFL.

When it comes to this whole process I am pretty interested in any school that has interest in me. I'm pretty open to seeing what's up with the schools that want me. Right now I don't think I will make a commitment early, but that could change. So we will see what happens.

Over the summer I plan on making a whole bunch of visits. I was down at FSU recently for their Junior Day. That was real cool. I've seen the campus before and all that but I got a chance to speak to Coach Bowden and Coach Haggins more. Also it was really cool coming down with my teammates. I'm coming down there for Showtime for sure, but I think I'll probably come down before that.

Throughout this whole process I want to see who's real and who is fake. There are a lot of programs that feed you junk, and those are the schools I wont even the look at. The one that's the most real with me is the school I will sign with.

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