Geathers Makes Decision

After the visit to Tennessee, Kwame Geathers sat down and looked at three official scholarship offers. He had UCF, UGA, and UT offers in front of him Thursday night and he thought about each one.

"We had a long talk about everything Thursday night and then we talked about it again Friday morning and we decided to wait a little longer before we sign," said Kwame's father Robert Geathers, Sr.

"We thought about it and we just want to wait to make sure of everything. We may sign next week, but it could be the week after. We have three great schools to look at and three great options in front of us."

The 6-foot-6, 320 pound lineman out of South Carolina does not want to rush into anything.

"I am going to go where my heart is," said Kwame Geathers. "I want to give my best to the school I choose, so I want to take my time with the decision. I just want to make sure before I sign."

He will sign with The Bulldogs, Knights, or Volunteers when all is said and done. It makes the Geathers family a little more comfortable knowing that there are other top recruits out there that still have not signed.

"Once we heard about that (guys like Bryce Brown and Orson Charles still unsigned), we didn't feel rushed or anything to sign," said Mr. Geathers. "We are in a good situation and none of the schools are asking us to rush our decision."

"We are going to talk about things more this weekend, let Kwame think about it some more, and see how he feels next week."

Geathers plans to announce his decision at Carver's Bay High School when he is ready. Stay tuned to for the latest on this big story.

Chad Simmons is the Recruiting Analyst for the South Region and he can be reached at

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