Poggi has Offers Coming One After Another

Scout.com talked with 2010 Linebacker Jim Poggi from Gilman High School (Baltimore, MD). The star player has received five more offers since receiving his first a little over a month ago.

Scout.com: What have you been doing since the season ended?

Poggi: I play basketball so I was busy with the season until just recently. I have been working out hard getting ready for next season.

Scout.com: Are you doing any camps or combines this spring/summer?

Poggi: I don't think so. I have some offers and I want to go to some of those schools that have offered me instead.

Scout.com: What schools have offered you so far?

Poggi: Iowa offered me first about five or six weeks ago. Since then Penn State, Virginia, Ohio State and Boston College have offered me.

Scout.com: Which schools are you planning to go to?

Poggi: I am going to Iowa for some spring practices and to Penn State for their spring game.

Scout.com: What do you like about each school that has offered you?


Iowa – Coach Ferentz is a great coach. The team plays hard for him. They seem like a good group of guys working hard and having fun. They enjoy playing football.

Penn State – Tradition. Joe Paterno. It's linebacker U. They just have a great team.

Virginia – Always liked them. We had a friend that worked there and I always liked the team. I just like their whole set up.

Ohio State – Our coach Stan White played there. I went there a couple years ago for the Penn State game. I got to meet Coach (Jim) Tressel and the whole trip was a good experience. Since then I have followed them even closer. They have a huge stadium and everyone loves the football there.

Boston College – Another of our coaches, Coach (Keith) Kormanik played there. It's a great area. A great conference. I really like the way they play as well. They play tough football.

Scout.com: Did you have a favorite team growing up?

Poggi: I grew up liking Penn State and Ohio State. Those two stood out the most.

Scout.com: Are there other schools you hope to get an offer from?

Poggi: Well actually my father just told me that an Auburn offer is on the way. That would be great. Good team and a nice southern school. Texas may be deciding soon about me as well. I would love an offer from them too.

Scout.com: What are the factors important to you when looking at a school?

Poggi: The team play. Their attitude on the field. I want a team that is a family off the field. A team that loves to be together. That is how my high school is and we have been very successful that way for a number of years. I want the same thing in college.

Poggi reports an 85 average and will be taking the SAT soon.

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