Keel Completes Junior Day Trifecta

Brandon Keel knows all about pursuit. The talented linebacker can flat get after the ball carrier. Keel a rising senior is one of the most punishing tacklers along the Mississippi Gulf Coast. He is hopeful that three junior day trips to Mississippi's big three will produce some interest from those programs.

Brandon Keel profile

"I went to USM this weekend," said Keel. "It went good. I talked to Coach Duggan for a little while. They had more people there than Mississippi State and Ole Miss had at their junior days, so they couldn't spend us much time with us. There wasn't a lot of one-on-one time.

Brandon was able to have a little meet and greet with his prospective position coach.

"He asked about my shoulder and what I liked better fullback or linebacker," said Keel. "He was just getting to know me. It was more than just about football. He made me feel real welcomed there even though we had never talked before."

The Southern Miss campus was a selling point for Brandon and his father who made the trip with him.

"It was real nice, it's a little smaller than some of the other schools, but it was nice," said Keel. "It's a real nice campus. I really like the coaches there. I like the facilities, the new building that closes in the end zone is real nice."

While Brandon is just beginning to get to know the Golden Eagle coaching staff, he already has a budding relationship with his recruiting coaches at Ole Miss and Mississippi State.

"I have talked with Coach Dickerson of Ole Miss and Coach Koening from Mississippi State," said Keel. "Coach Dickerson and I talk about once a week. He sends me a hand written letter about once a week.

"I talk to Coach Koening at least once a week. We have become really close with him. We probably have the best relationship. I stay in touch with him and let him know what is going on with me. I think they may be getting close to offering me."

With junior days complete, Brandon hopes to venture back around to Mississippi's three division one schools for a closer look at things.

"I am going to go up to Mississippi State during spring break and then I am going up to Ole Miss for a couple of days," said Keel. "When I get back from up there, I am going probably going to Southern Miss a couple of days."

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