OSU 7-7 Scouting Reports: Team Indiana

New Level Athletics/BadgerSport's 7-7 passing camp at Ohio State this weekend featured some of the north's top recruits. The Indiana team did well for the second year in a row. Here are our scouting notes as well as coach's comments for each player from the Hoosier State.

Team Indiana Breakdown
Roderick Smith :: Running Back/Wide Receiver :: Fort Wayne Harding
Scout.com Report: We knew Smith could run the ball, but this event allowed us to see his athleticism in space. What stood out first about him was his build. He's a thoroughbred with a muscular lower body. For a kid who is 6'3, 220-lbs, he changed directions well and showed good straight line speed. There has been some talk that he could be a wide receiver in college and he didn't do anything this weekend that would quiet that talk. He ran nice routes, created separation and caught the ball well. I still believe he will be a college running back, but if that doesn't work out, this talented athlete provides a college coach with several options.
Team Indiana coach Greg Brookey: He has excellent hands, soft hands and he knows what to do with it when he gets into the open field. With Rod, I can see where he is being projected somewhat as a wide receiver here.
Dyjuan Lewis :: Wide Receiver :: Indianapolis Pike
Scout.com Report: Lewis was this team's go-to guy. He has great size at 6'2, 190-lbs and he plays a little bigger than that even. On jump balls, he positioned his body well and often won those battles. He made a great leaping catch over a defender which won a game for his team. You expect that from a kid with his size and ability, but what I was impressed with were some of his underneath routes. He easily got inside his man and used his body as a shield on a couple slants in key situations. What he needs to work on is focus and consistency. He makes most of the tough catches, but will lose focus and miss an easy one from time to time. He has a ton of talent and upside.
Team Indiana coach Greg Brookey: Dyjuan had a few unfortunate drops, but he is a big time receiver. He is the real deal. He plays the game very aggressively and he is hard on himself, but he's big time.
Martell Baker :: Running Back :: Indianapolis Broad Ripple
Scout.com Report: Baker passes the look test off the bat. Standing 6'2, he is thick and looks like a fullback. He can run like a smaller back though, at least in a straight line. He has good speed and showed it, getting down the seam a couple times. He caught the ball well and caught it with his hands, something I was impressed with. His isn't as smooth as some of his counterparts and isn't as quick side to side as he is straight line fast. However, a kid his size that can move like he can is rare and he showed this weekend that he was more than a power back.
Team Indiana coach Greg Brookey: I think he's mainly just a running back type but he has solid hands and he runs a 4.43. You should have seen what he did in practice the other day. He caught one pass and had two guys coming in on him and beat them with a spin move and was gone.
Jeffery Garrett :: Cornerback :: Indianapolis Ben Davis
Scout.com Report: He covered very well all weekend. He is a quicker kid with good feet and can turn and run with receivers. He is not a blazer, but has good enough speed to stay with his man downfield. His ball skills are pretty solid. He broke up a lot of passes, although on a few of those, he should have intercepted them. He is almost always in good position though. He came up on the line and did well there, but he did have some trouble with bigger receivers. At 5'10, 165-lbs, getting in the weight room and adding size and strength will be a key in his development. Still, he was one of the better cover men at this event.
Team Indiana coach Greg Brookey: I think Jeff played very well at corner. He was a little dinged up, strained his groin for us, but he stepped up and played well.
James Manuel :: Defensive Back :: Warren Central
Scout.com Report: James is a high school cornerback who projects to safety in college. I project him there, because he does not backpedal and turn as well as you would like in a cornerback. However, he is physical and understands the game, so he could be a great safety. At this event, he played up closer in the box and covered the backs and tight ends a lot. He has solid speed and as I said before, he plays a physical, aggressive game. When he gets his hands on you, he usually has some success.
Team Indiana coach Greg Brookey: James played corner the last couple years, but you can look at his body and see he's a future safety. Some schools have talked to him about playing outside linebacker, but that's something he has no interest in doing. He has progressed in the last four five weeks we've had him, because even though he is a phenomenal athlete, his footwork was not where it needed to be. He fell down a lot just on drill work, but in the last couple weeks, he's improved drastically and I think he'll have a big year and he'll be a great safety in college.
Joe Gilliam :: Outside Linebacker :: Southport
Scout.com Report: The athleticism is very evident here. This kid can run and cover a lot of ground quickly. He changes directions pretty well and seemed comfortable in space, a result of his various roles at Southport. He sometimes plays a little too fast and out of control though and that is something he will have to improve on. He'll also need some time in the weight room to add more size, but he already is a solidly built kid. If given proper coaching and time to develop, he could be a fantastic coverage linebacker because he has all the physical tools.
Team Indiana coach Greg Brookey: He's a good athlete, but he's not refined at all. He needs to get stronger and bulk up. You can see the raw athleticism when you watch him on film and see that he likes to hit and that's what sticks out. We want to get him to play a little more under control. We'll work on that. He and I are going to work together on his footwork over the next couple months.
Greg Johnson :: Cornerback :: Fort Wayne South Side
Scout.com Report: A high school quarterback, Johnson played exclusively at cornerback this weekend and acquitted himself quite well. He is a good athlete with solid quickness and foot speed. He liked to play up on the line and has the skills to do so. Having not played the position much, he must continue to work on his technique and also being able to read routes and combinations. He has the athleticism to make that switch though.
Team Indiana coach Greg Brookey: I know that he's played against competition that is not the same level as he saw here, but he was solid. I saw him a lot in press coverage, I'd like to see him more in space. He did not play any offense this weekend, I know that in that offense his high school runs, he's more a running threat than he was a passing threat, but you can see his talent.
Steven Kaba :: Wide Receiver :: Arlington
Scout.com Report: Kaba is a kid who had impressed us last summer at some 7-7 events. He had a quiet weekend at OSU however, so at this point the jury is still out on just what kind of player he can be.
Team Indiana coach Greg Brookey: The one thing with Steven that we found out over the last few months is that he's not quite as fast as advertised. He was a little tentative, but he made one nice play on Saturday, a catch and run that was the first time I had seen him run that fast.
Jimmy Graves :: Outisde Linebacker :: Indianapolis North Central
Scout.com Report: This kid played cornerback last year at 6'0, 210 and did well there. This weekend, he played linebacker, the spot he will be man at the next level. He has a nice, solid build and he can run, he just needs experience. Schools like Indiana, Ball State, Cincinnati and others have shown some interest, but this is not a player many know about.
Team Indiana coach Greg Brookey: He played well for a kid that had never played the position before. His future is at a WILL linebacker. He weights 215-lbs right now. He has big shoulders, but he hasn't filled out. I think he could carry 230-235-lbs pretty easily. Most his life, he's been a running back, so he's a 4.6 kid. If he can maintain that speed and add the size, that would be optimal. I think he's definitely got some potential. He's a kid that will be nice to watch through the summer.
Rod Hauser Jr :: Wide Receiver :: Fishers
Scout.com Report: This babyfaced kid did not really pass the eye test, but he can play. He's a fine athlete and is a natural pass catcher. He needs to mature physically and add some bulk, but he has a very nice set of tools.
Team Indiana coach Greg Brookey: He's a younger kid, he's only a sophomore, but I've watched him since 7 th /8 th grade and he's always been a stand out in his age group. He could be a Dyjuan Lewis type in another year. He has a 37-38 inch vertical and great hands. We hope this will turn the light on in his head and get him in the weight room. He's 6'1 and probably about 165-170-lbs. The big thing with him is, the first couple practices, he played well after he settled down and realized who he was playing against and that he had to be more physical. He has to become more physical heading into next year.
Nate White :: Cornerback :: Warren Central
Scout.com Report: He was somewhat of an unknown coming in, but he played well. He lacks size, but is a good athlete and covered well this weekend.
Team Indiana coach Greg Brookey: – This kid's a comer. From day one, he proved he belonged. Last year, there was not much film on him, because he tore the meniscus in his knee. He came back and played two playoff games. He played two games, got hurt and came back for the last two games. For a kid to work that hard to get himself back in the lineup after an injury like that is pretty impressive.
Anthony McClung :: Wide Receiver :: Indianapolis Pike
Scout.com Report: Overshadowed by Dyjuan Lewis until this weekend, McClung came out and made a name for himself. He has good quickness and hands and looks like he could be a great slot receiver at the next level if he can add some weight. He made a lot of plays over the course of both days for Team Indiana.
Team Indiana coach Greg Brookey: When I first talked to Coach Moyers at Pike about Dyjuan, he said hey if you need another slot receiver, I've got this kid who's really good. He struggled early on with some drops in practice, but he got better and better. He has great speed and great hands, he needs to get bigger and stronger, we talk about it all the time, he's a light 165 right now, but he's a 4.5 kid with a great attitude. I think he's a kid who can really take off this summer.
Brian Sutton :: Cornerback :: Fishers
Scout.com Report: Sutton is a 2011 kid who covered well this weekend and is a prospect to watch for the future.
Team Indiana coach Greg Brookey: He's young, he's grown a lot in the past year and gotten a lot stronger. He has great ball skills, he's an intelligent kid, he just absorbs everything around him. He's had great coaching with Jeff Burris and Ray Walls and those guys are very high on him. He needs to get a little quicker, but right now he makes up for it with his intelligence. Within the next year, when we come back, he'll be one of the top corners. He just needs to shave down that forty time, I think he's about a 4.6 kid right now.
Michael Fitzpatrick :: Cornerback :: Indianapolis North Central
Scout.com Report: Not a household name coming in, but he turned some heads with his speed. Lacks size, but has some raw tools..
Team Indiana coach Greg Brookey: He's very raw. We got him, because we needed some speed to fill in at the nickel position. He runs very well and he's improved considerably. The big thing with Mike is to get stronger, but he has the tools to be pretty good.
Erik Willis :: Safety :: Richmond
Scout.com Report: Nice sized kid (6'1, 190) who can run. Looked a little hesitant at times, but has some upside.
Team Indiana coach Greg Brookey: He's very raw, but very athletic. He's a 4.4 kid, and the number 2 or 3 ranked sprinter in the state, I was told. We threw a lot at him quick. He was confused for the first couple practices, but he settled in relaxed. Early on, he was tentative and unsure of himself, but he hadn't played that type of competition before. Once he relaxed, he played well.
Justin Clemens :: Quarterback :: Warsaw
Scout.com Report: Big kid with a nice arm, but struggled to adjust to the speed of the game. Was late on some throws and hesitant to just let it go. He needs mechanical work, which will help his accuracy. He is a coachable kid with some athleticism and I think he could end up playing another position in college.
Team Indiana coach Greg Brookey: He's a great kid, but he's only had one year at quarterback. I thought he struggled early on with us in practice adjusting to the speed of the receivers. What it all boils down to is that he's a raw kid, but he's a great kid. He wants to do better, he wants to learn, he's just behind. He doesn't play type of competition that he saw in practice or in the games, but that doesn't mean he can't be a better quarterback, he's got tools, he just needs reps.
Alex Hines :: Quarterback :: Fishers
Scout.com Report: He is a smart kid who made good decisions and threw a pretty accurate ball. He does not have great size and has a bit of a low release, but at the end of the day, the ball got where it needed to be most of the time.
Team Indiana coach Greg Brookey: He did well. Alex is an intelligent kid. He makes good reads and he played well. The thing he lacks is strength; he has everything else. He just needs strength. We should have rolled him out more. When he's on the move, his accuracy is amazing.
Shakir Bell :: Running Back :: Warren Central
Scout.com Report: Very quick coming out of the backfield. We did not get to see him in space as much as we would have liked, but this team was loaded with options. We'll get to see him again at a future combine.
Team Indiana coach Greg Brookey: I love that kid. He's enthusiastic and coachable. We didn't get him ball as much as we wanted him to. He's very dangerous in the slot. The thing is, what kind of senior season he has. He played behind Eric Williams and George Cheeseborough, but you watch Shakir's highlights and you can see that he's definitely good. He had three-four touchdowns off kick returns. His only drawback is his height, but he works hard in the weight room. He'll probably add ten more pounds and from what I've seen, he's tough to tackle
Jack Denton :: Linebacker :: Zionsville
Scout.com Report: This kid is very big and runs pretty well considering his size. He is thick and wide and having seen him on film, we knew he was a hitter. In space, he isn't super athletic of fluid, but his straight line speed and is good and his coverage skills are something he says he has been working on and will continue to work on.
Team Indiana coach Greg Brookey: Jack's a stud. He's the real deal. I've coached kids more advanced than him at this point, but last year at Zionsville, he was moved back to fullback cause of their offense, so he hardly got to play linebacker. That's will be his position will be in college. He came a long way working on footwork, drops and reads. He has picked up all of it. He has the mindset of a linebacker. He got an offer from Ball State last week and I'm sure there will be more. He visited Miami-OH on the way over, he will visit Wake Forest later this week. The kid could be as good as he wants to be, overshadowed by Blake but he's talented.
Auri Durrett :: Wide Receiver :: Warren Central
Scout.com Report: Had a nice showing, making several catches and a touchdown on day one. He is more of the slot type receiver, but found ways to get open and caught the ball well.
Team Indiana coach Greg Brookey: He played very well on Saturday. The kid just lacks experience and he really improved as time went along. A couple weeks ago he was struggling in practice with some routes, that's something he needs to improve on are his routes.

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