OSU 7-7 Scouting Reports: Michigan Offense

Michigan had enough players to field two teams at this weekend's New Level Athletics/Badger Sport 7-7 passing camp at Ohio State. Here is a detailed report including comments from the coaches on the offensive standouts from the camp.

*Note: Some players played both ways. That is noted here. Players who played more on defense will be included in tomorrow's defensive report.

Team Michigan Offensive Breakdown
Robert Bolden :: Quarterback :: Orchard Lake St. Mary's
Scout.com Report: Since he had only practiced with the team once, Bolden needed to settle in and get used to the new receivers. There was some miscommunication which lead to some hesitation and inconsistency at the beginning of Day One. In the last two games of the first day, he picked it up and that carried into Day Two where he was excellent in his team's lone game. He made quick decisions and showed the arm to make all the throws.
Team Michigan coach Eric Enox: He came out to the one practice and he got better as the tournament went on because he started realizing what type of talent he had around him and he made adjustments on things he was seeing. He got comfortable and talked to the other players and came up with different plays. One of his strengths is reading defenses. He's the type of player that will pick you apart. He understands man coverage and zone coverage. I don't see him making a lot of mistakes his last year in high school and in college.
Team Michigan coach Antoine Edwards:He has really, really good zip on his passes. He's a tall kid with good pocket presence. He has good accuracy and a live arm. He can make all the throws and make the reads. What he needs to work on is overall making quicker decisions sometimes and not locking on.
Edward Thomas :: Quarterback :: Detroit Southeastern
Scout.com Report: Like Bolden, Thomas improved as the tournament went on. He has a great arm. His passes have a lot of velocity and he is able to get the ball into tight spaces. A few times, some late reads cost him and I think he can trust his arm too much. He has tools though, he is quick, can throw on the move and like I said, he has arm strength that is natural. He needs some refinement, but the raw ability is there.
Team Michigan coach Eric Enox: I think that he wanted to make decisions right away, 1-2-3-snap, throw. He needs to take his time and study the defense more. He moves with the ball very well, he does a lot of sprint out type stuff. He throws across the field well and throws angle routes well. He's not a pocket quarterback, but he made some nice plays.
Team Michigan coach Antoine Edwards: First off, thing to improve on his overall mechanics and make sure he has a consistent release. He throws a real good deep ball and has nice touch on it. He has some things to work on but he has a real big arm and can throw beautiful deep balls.
Allen Charles :: Quarterback :: Flint Carman-Ainsworth
Scout.com Report: A 2011 kid, Charles is a bigger kid with a nice arm. He made a number of very nice throws and for his youth, made good decisions. He needs some consistency and I would like to see him get in better shape, but he has a head and a feel for the game and throws a nice ball.
Team Michigan coach Rod Oden: I thought he was a heady kid. He's smart, made good decisions and he's good at reading coverages. For a young kid, he found holes in defense really well. He has a couple things to work on like touch on his deep ball. I think he throws the ball very well, but he throws every pass with the same velocity.
Jeremy Jackson :: Wide Receiver :: Ann Arbor Huron
Scout.com Report: Jackson did a nice job this weekend. He is a kid who seems to always get a little bigger and a little more filled out every time we see him. The knock on him has been his speed, but he got open and created separation. His main strength is his hands. He made tough catches with defensive backs draped on him and he does not let passes get into his body. He had some trouble initially with press coverage, but later upped his intensity and got better at getting off the line against more physical defensive backs.
Team Michigan coach Eric Enox: He's awesome. He made good catches and he's a terrific route runner. He runs them precisely. The sky's the limit for him. He's the total package in my opinion.
Team Michigan coach Antoine Edwards: He's a huge kid. He has very good size and great hands. He knows how to use his body well to box people out. He understands offenses and creates enough separation. He's a great kid. He needs to work on continuing to get faster, stronger and just add to his game.
Baquer Sayed :: Wide Receiver :: Dearborn Fordson
Scout.com Report: After initially being quiet, the Michigan quarterbacks discovered him and he became the guy they went to when the chips were down. He was their fade guy and he outjumped several defensive backs and came away with tough catches. He also made a few diving grabs on out routes that were impressive. The question on him was speed and separation, but against some of the quicker corners at the camp, he got open and made plays. He also had one catch and run for a touchdown which showed some of his ability after the catch. After this weekend, his stock is on the rise.
Team Michigan coach Eric Enox: He's a great kid. He's a magnet as far as catching the football. He will catch it if it's anywhere around him. I think the kid is terrific. When it comes to crunch time, he's going to make some big catches. One thing he'll have to do is work on his 40 time. I'll be helping him and with him helping himself, he'll be ok. I thought he was in the top 5 wide receivers that were out there. I walked around and watched the competition and I thought he was right up there.
Team Michigan coach Antoine Edwards: Baqs is an excellent receiver man. I hear all the knocks on him, but I don't see all that. I see a competitor, a guy that can get open and a guy with great ball skills who can out jump, out leap people and comes down with most things. He catches everything in his vicinity and he's a tremendous, tremendous kid.
Tony Lippett :: Wide Receiver :: Detroit Crockett
Scout.com Report: A quarterback in high school, Lippett played there some this weekend, but was mostly a wide receiver and safety. He had one of the most impressive performances at the camp. Having never seen him play wide receiver, we did not know what to expect, but he was excellent. He used his 6'3 frame well and showed his athleticism getting downfield and making tough catches. At safety, he was a ballhawk and had several interceptions. He could play quarterback at the mid-major level, but I think he is a legitimate FBS athlete who could play receiver or defensive back.
Team Michigan coach Antoine Edwards: I think Tony Lippett if he was a full time receiver, he would arguably be the best receiver in the state. He's 6'3 or a shade under, has great explosion, is a great route runner and has unbelievable ball skills. He has an understanding of the game. He's a very smart, smart receiver. He knows how to work zones, I don't know if that's ‘cause he's a quarterback in high school and just has a better understanding, but his upside at wide receiver, to me is unbelievable.
DeAnthony Arnett :: Wide Receiver:: Saginaw
Scout.com Report: This 2011 kid is impressive every time out. He runs great routes and has outstanding quicknes and burst out of his breaks. He still needs to get into the weight room, but he got himself open a lot this weekend. He made one great play on a tipped ball that he caught for a touchdown and also caught another deep touchdown later. As he continues to grow and fill out, he'll just become a better and better prospect. He has a lot of raw talent.
Team Michigan coach Antoine Edwards: He's a special talent for a sophomore. He's an unbelievable route runner and has great hands. Even though he's only about 5'11, he has a big catching radius, because he has long arms. He plays bigger than his actual height and he has good speed. He needs to get stronger and bigger, but he's a great talent.
Ashton Gaines :: Wide Receiver :: Detroit Crockett
Scout.com Report: Another class of 2011 member who had a great showing. Ashton plays both sides of the ball and plays them well. He is not a blazer, but he always gets open and catches the ball. He has great hands and great route running skills. On defense, again, he may not be a burner, but he's always in great positoin and he showed what kind of ball skills he has, intercepting several passes. Adding more explosion will be his key, but he plays the game with the best of them.
Team Michigan coach Antoine Edwards: He is another sophomore with tremendous upside. He's explosive and can catch. He's another 10th grader with a lot of potential.
Greg Hayes :: Wide Receiver :: Saginaw
Scout.com Report: A speedster who can stretch the field, that was Hayes' role this weekend. He made several nice plays for his team. He has to work on some of the finer point of the positions, but he has the type of speed and explosiveness that can't be taught.
Team Michigan coach Rod Oden: He's pretty good. He's pretty good at getting vertical down the field. We took some shots with him. He's good at routes going into field. He needs to develop on outs, corners and comebacks, anything going towards the outside of the field. He's a kid that with practice and reps, will be good in the future.
Cameron Fields :: Wide Receiver :: West Bloomfield
Scout.com Report: He wasn't a household name coming in, but after juking entire teams out of their jocks and breaking long gains, he had everyone asking who he was. He's short (about 5'7), but has great elusiveness and acceleration and open field ability. He also showed good hands. I think he could be a great slot receiver or at the very least, a return man at the next level.
Team Michigan coach Eric Enox: He's an awesome athlete. I would say form his position, coming from the backfield and catching the ball, he was the #1 or #2 guy there. He has great, great lateral movement and great football speed. The kid made some great catches, one that he caught on a 5 yard out and scored a 45-yard touchdown. He blew by lot of people. He's a diamond in the rough.
Pierre West :: Wide Receiver/Running Back :: Detroit Cody
Scout.com Report: See Fields above. West is another 5'7-5'8 kid who is great in the open field. He took a couple draw plays and made people miss and moved the chains, not easy to do in a touch/7-7 type setting. He caught the ball well for the most part and I also like him in the spread either as a running back or slot and think he can be a return man as well. Will his size cause schools to back off? Maybe, but this is a kid I think a lot of people do not know about but should.
Team Michigan coach Antoine Edwards: He runs a 4.36 and has unbelievable speed. He has good hands, good open field moves and would be a great slot type kid. He's electric with the ball in hands and he has really good acceleration and explosiveness.
Austin White :: Running Back/Safety :: Livonia Stevenson
Scout.com Report: Just watch him move around the field and you can see the athleticism. He has great feet and burst. He got open a lot on offense, but did struggle with letting the ball get into his body. He showed his open field ability and explosiveness on a draw play though, where he made several people miss. We knew he could run, but what was impressive was his ability to play defense. Having not really played the position before, he had some missed assignments early at safety. As he settled in, he made lots of plays with his closing speed and instincts. He had a lot of pass breakups and a couple interceptions. He also was physical and showed some toughness. I still think he's an offensive player, but he showed he has upside on defense as well. That versatility will only help.
Team Michigan coach Rod Oden: He's a football player. I put him in the same category as Jeremy Jackson. He plays the game at another level. At the high school level with him, it's man against boys. He's a terrific football player. He played safety and had about five breakups and two interceptions. The kid's wonderful.
Vorheese Zanders :: Wide Receiver/Cornerback :: Inkster
Scout.com Report: We had seen him at Renaissance last year and he'll be at Inkster this year. At this tournament, he played some wide receiver in addition to cornerback. We had not seen him play offense before, but he did well there and had a highlight where he made a beautiful cut on a post corner, got wide open and scored the touchdown. He has pretty good quickness and good speed. He isn't a real big kid, but he has some talent. Slot receiver may be the spot for him.
Team Michigan coach Rod Oden: Vo had a real good weekend. Losing him [at Renaissance] hurt us, because he was going to start at wide receiver and cornerback. He's a tremendous athlete with good ball skills and good speed. He plays bigger than his size. He has a lot of heart. He's a competitor and a really good player.

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