Second Offer For Virges

Mississippi State broke the ice on Curtis Virges' college recruitment when they offered during the West Point standout's junior year. The Bulldogs picked up some competition earlier today when another instate school extended a scholarship offer.

Curtis Virges profile

"Southern Miss offered me today," said Virges. "They talked to my coach and they sent a fax saying they were officially offering me."

The offer from the Golden Eagles pretty much came out of nowhere.

"I have never been down there before," said Curtis. "I am making plans to go down there now. The offer was a surprise to me. I am still kind of shocked. I didn't know they were going to offer me."

The day has proven to be a very eventful Friday for Curtis. He and and one of his coaches spent most of the day over in Tuscaloosa.

"I visited Alabama today and the facilities there were straight," said Virges. "I talked with the defensive line coach (Bo Davis) said they need some film, so he can take it to Coach Saban. They want to figure out what position they would want me to play. He said that Coach (Joe) Pendry wants me on the offensive line and he wants me on the defensive line."

Another SEC school has advised Curtis that they will be traveling to West Point to get an up close look at what Virges has to offer.

"Tennessee sent me a letter and they said they are going to come see me this spring," said Curtis. "They want me to come visit the campus. They wanted me to come to their spring game, but they said even if I couldn't make it, they want me to come up there later."

Virges hopes to take his show on the road once school is out in an effort to learn more about the schools that are recruiting him.

"I am planning to take some trips to check out all of out of state schools that I have never seen before," said Curtis. "I think I want to make my decision late in the year, so I can see how everything looks."

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