Recruiting Analysis: Aaron Donald

Penn Hills (PA) appears to have a talented soon-to-be senior class coming on. The latest stud to be highlighted is Aaron Donald. Aaron receieved a verbal Rutgers offer not too long ago and I thought this would be a great opportunity for us to break down his film. He displays the versatility that collegtes coaches desire amongst their defensive fronts.

Aaron Donald has the physical playmaking ability of a linebacker, but instead his hand stays on the ground where he has quickly ascended to becoming one of the most dominating forces in the northeast region. He is an explosive, sure tackling, quick penetrating, hard hitting, block-shedding super-stud who also has an enthuisiasm for the game... what a deadly combination.

In a day and age where defensive tackles seem to be getting smaller and smaller, Aaron's 6'1 260 lb. frame is becoming quite adequte for a Division 1A defensive tackle. His size enables him to have a low center of gravity and not so easily be blown off the ball. He should eventually put on the additoinal 20 pounds required to fulfill his collegiate potential and become dominant on that level as well.

Aaron displays the ability to not just use his power but to also use his hands and technique as well. He routinely apllies swims and rips in a timely manner to get to his destination behind the offensive line.

Donald also appears to take good pursuit angles when he is unable to make the play behind the line of scrimmage. His quickness and ability to close afford him many opportunities to land a punishing blow.

The big play ability is obviously there as well. You can see him having the headiness to pick up loose balls and make significant returns with the football which takes a great amount of coordination as well as determination for a big guy. If you catch one of those plays in the middle, you might think you are looking at a running back about to score on a long TD run because he moves so fluently.

Take a look at the film below and lets open up some discussion on the message board in regards to this great young Rutgers offeree:

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