Woodstock LB Corey Carmichael Ready For 09

Woodstock High School took Camden County down to the final minutes and lost by 1 point. Players like Corey Carmichael was the reason they were able to play with them.

2010 LB Corey Carmichael is a young man that is not going to blow you away with size or combine times. What he is, is what the old timers call " a football player".

Watching film on him he plays with a nasty streak and great motor I like alot. I will take a kid that plays with heart over a kid that may be a tad bit bigger and tad faster than him anyday of the week.

Now that you had time to reflect on your 2008 season, what did it mean to you and your team?

Corey Carmichael-"It was a big time changing moment for our team and program. I think we set a new standard for our program. Nobody ever thought Woodstock would make the playoffs again much less play Camden County for 4 qtrs and lose by 1 point."

What was your experience at the Scout.Com Combine like for you?

Carmichael-" It was a new experience to me and alot of talent was there. It shows you where you are talent wise and what you need to work on for sure."

Who were some of the other kids at the combine, you didn't know, but you do now?

Carmichael-" The WR that won the MVP (Ronald Carswell) was really quick. The running back from Grayson ( Ean Pemberton) was fast as well. Those two stood out to me."

What schools are you hearing from?

Carmichael-" Georgia Tech, Georgia, MTSU, Florida, NC State, Nebraska and few IVY League schools. I am hearing from alot schools.

You feeling any pressure to play with your brother at MTSU? (Danny Carmichael)

Carmichael-" Yes Sir, I get that all the time from the people at MTSU. They want another Carmichael up there.(Laughing)

Rusty's Final Word- In the 2009 class Johnnie Farms was my favorite player with a nasty streak to watch on film. Early on in the 2010 class Corey Carmichael is looking to take that spot from him. Stay tuned as Scout.Com will continue to bring your stories and updates on this LB.

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