Smith attends camp and A-Day

Ryan Smith, safety from Cordova, Ala., was one of the top overall athletes at the FoxSports/ Southeast Elite camp Sunday in Tuscaloosa. Smith certainly has the skills to play at the next level and the offers are beginning to fall in place. Smith talked about the camp and A-Day at Alabama.

"I liked the camp a lot," said Ryan Smith. "You could tell some of the top players in the state were there. That was the main thing. I didn't know who was going to be there. When I got there I realized it was going to be good."

"It was a fun camp, and I had a good time. I thought I did good. I did good with my footwork. My shuttle time was real good. I had the best out of my group. I probably could have competed a little bit better."

Smith traveled back to Tuscaloosa Sunday after spending the day at the Capstone for the A-Day game.

"It was pretty good," he said. "When I got there coach Saban called me over. He had one of his assistants get me to come talk to him. He said he was glad I made it down. He didn't get to talk to me because I left early the last time I was there. He just talking about how things were going and how things were with track."

"I talked to coach [Kirby] Smart. They had a team meeting with the secondary. That was real cool. I had a good time. There were two other DBs [defensive backs] with me. It was good to be with all the defensive backs."

"The coaches are saying they want me as a free safety who can cover. They don't have a player who can cover all the way around. I can come up in the box and make tackles."

"They didn't really say too much about an offer. I think the main thing is they want to see my 40 time. I don't think speed is the question. I think they may want me as a receiver. They didn't know if I was fast enough to be a deep threat."

"The game was pretty good. I figured it was going to be packed. They could have had a little more people, but the rain held off some. It was still packed."

"I like Alabama a lot. I feel like coach Saban would put me in the best position to get to the next level. He has been successful wherever he has gone. I like the atmosphere a lot as well."

Smith recently received an offer from an SEC school and appears an offer from the Commodores is on the horizon.

"The Kentucky offer came in," he said. "Coach [Robbie] Caldwell from Vanderbilt said they are going to offer me May 4 when they come down to visit. He and coach [Bobby] Johnson are coming down then, and said they are going to offer me for sure."

"UAB and Marshall have offered. I have been talking to coach [Lance] Thompson at Tennessee. I think they are close to offering me. I am keeping everything open right now. I don't have any favorites."

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