Burrows Clears The Air

The results are in and there was an apparent mis-communication amidst all the confusion.

In an earlier story, I reported that only four of Burrows' Top 5 were still honoring their offer to the 6'3 235 pound standout. I also reported that the results of his MRI weren't in yet.

Both of these pieces of information are apparently not true, because I have just spoken with Burrows and this is what he had to say.

"My mom spoke with Florida last night," Brandon Burrows said. "And they said that there has never been any doubt about my status with them."

They said they still have a spot for me at Florida."

Burrows then went on to say that he is going to speak to Florida himself, primarily to settle the issue once and for all.

As for the extent of the injury, the ACL is torn.

Stay Tuned for more on Burrows and his subsequent college choice.

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