Report Has Brown Going To The NFL

With the injury to Miami runningback Willis McGahee, will Chris Brown jump to the NFL. Fox Sports is reporting that Gary Barnett expects Brown to leave the Buffs, whick could make Marcus Houston's decision to stay easier.

Denver television station KCNC and reported last night that Gary Barnett has been quoted as saying he expects RB Chris Brown to declare himself eligible for the NFL draft.

Brown is not speaking to the media, which is not a surprise since he barely did that all season long. Brown is going to continue to talk with his family and could make a decision as soon as early next week. January 15th is the deadline for for underclassmen to declare for the draft.

"I think he is leaning that way" Head Coach Gary Barnett was quoted as saying from the coaches convention in New Orleans.

There are already several top runningbacks entering the NFL draft. They include CSU runningback Cecil Sapp, Penn State's Larry Johnson, Lee Suggs from Virginia Tech, LSU's LaBrandon Toefield and Musa Smith of Georgia.

If Brown decides to go to the NFL, the decision that Marcus Houston is mulling over could get easier. With Brown out of the picture and former position coach Eric Bieniemy going to UCLA, Houston's chances of getting more playing time and being happy at CU improve.

Houston is considering a transfer from CU but Buffs Insider has learned he would prefer to stay in Colorado.

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