Jonathon Mincy looking to be comfortable

Georgia cornerback Johnathan Mincy has many offers rolling in to his mailbox from schools all over the country. He feels very grateful to have them, but as he narrows his choices there are a few things Johnathan is taking a closer look at. We spoke with him about Michigan and what he is looking for in the college that he will chose.

When many colleges are recruiting a cornerback they look for someone who can lock his guy up and support the run. Jonathon Mincy out of Southwest DeKalb high school can do those things.

"I like to lock my guy up on defense," he told GoBlueWolverine, "and I will come up on the run and hit you. I feel like you put me out there with whoever is your best wide receiver and let's go at it. I like to mix it up like that."

That is not a cocky kid talking; he is someone that is very sure of himself. The word confidence comes to mind when you talk with him.

"I am the type of player who is going to give his all when he is out on the field and never take a play off."

With that attitude it is no wonder why schools are flying and driving to get a chance to get in on this talented player.

"I am looking at a lot of colleges ... right now the ones that are really coming after me are Auburn, Georgia, Georgia Tech, Tennessee, Florida, Ohio State, Maryland and Michigan."

Those are the schools that he really likes right now, and he gave them to us in that order. With the Wolverines being mentioned last you would think there is little interest.

"I put Michigan down there because I need to know more about them in depth."

Well Michigan has turned up the heat on him, and he continued his conversation about them.

"Coach Hopson came down last week to see me, and we also have started to talk on the phone. I really like Coach Hopson. We are building a good relationship. We talk about other things than just football. He is a cool guy and we are getting to know each other."

Academics are very important to what Johnathan and his family are trying to accomplish, and Coach Hopson discussed that with him too.

"Coach Hopson talked to me about my Major which will be Sports Management/Communications. Michigan has a good program and that is a big plus for them."

There are a few items that are important to him when choosing a college. "I want to be in a place where I am comfortable so that I can focus on my education. I want to graduate and get my degree, and then have a chance to play in the NFL. That is important to me and my mom ... any visit we go on she is always about the academics and me graduating."

He is carrying a 3.2 gpa at this time and will be taking the SAT on June 6.

Johnathan will be visiting several schools this summer. "I am going to be visiting Michigan, Ohio State, Clemson, Vanderbilt, North Carolina and LSU."

A decision is not on the horizon. He just wants to make sure he visits as many schools as he can, and, "to just give everyone a chance."

When that decision comes to him he will know. "It will be something special that I feel about that place ... I will know that is the college for me."

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