Will Broadway Take Stage Out West?

A three-star talent with a world of potential, Baton Rouge (LA) Capitol Precollege Academy quarterback, Terrance Broadway, is looking far and wide for his future college destination.

Do you currently hold an offer from Oregon?

"Yeah, Wednesday."

Which coach offered you?

"The new quarterback coach (Mark Helfrich)"

How much contact did you have with Oregon up until the point in which they offered?

"I've had a lot of contact with them since January, maybe February. I talked to the coach, Chip Kelly, he was the [previous] quarterback coach/offensive coordinator, I had talked to him first because he was my recruiter, so I talked to him a lot. He told me they wanted to see more film, so I sent them my highlight tape and some game film and they said they liked my game film. From there, they were [wanted] to come to see how I looked live in the spring, so they came down to one of the practices in the spring and saw me. They stood on the side and watched me for awhile and after that, spring was over and I hadn't talked to them since I bumped in to them after practice. [Then] He sent me an e-mail saying to call him and it was kind of surprising and I called them and he said they were sending an offer to me."

What would you say your overall interest in Oregon is at this point?

"I have a pretty good interest in them. They run a great spread-type for a dual-threat quarterback and they have the option run the ball or throw the ball, so I really like it. They really haven't had a mobile quarterback since Dennis Dixon was there, so I'm pretty interested in going there."

Is there anything in particular that captures your interest when you think about Oregon?

"The dual-threat quarterback option that they have. They run the ball with the quarterback and they throw the ball with the quarterback."

How would you describe yourself as a player?

"I describe myself as an all-around player. I can do it all. If they need me to throw the ball, I can throw it. If they need me to run the ball, I can run it. I'm very versatile."

Would you compare yourself to anyone at the collegiate or professional level?

"I compare myself to Vince Young at the collegiate level."

What are you looking for in a program?

"I'm really looking for some playing time in my first year. I don't want to wait too much, I mean maybe I can redshirt or something and come in my second year and work for a starting spot...I'm looking to compete from day one."

What offers do you currently hold from other schools?

"Alabama, Colorado, Utah, Louisiana Tech, Southern Miss, UConn, Houston, Louisiana-Monroe, and Nebraska."

Do you have any leaders at this point?

"Not at the moment. I'm starting to get together with my coach and we're starting to narrow things down. We're waiting on a couple more offers then we'll really start to narrow things down."

What are some of the schools that are out there that you would really like to get an offer from?

"I should be receiving an offer from Mississippi State pretty soon. Today was their last day on the road, so everybody will be back making offers. They made it down for one of my spring practices and they got to see me throw live too. I talked to the coach and he was saying I was number one on his board, so we'll see."

Is distance a factor for you at all?

"I just want to go wherever fits me the best. You have to grow up sometime. You have to go this place, or go to that place, so distance is not a factor for me."

Are you planning on going to any camps later this spring or in the summer?

"I'm going down to Ole Miss on the [June] 7th for their one-day mini camp and we're going to Mississippi State's 7-on-7 [camp], so there will be some camps going on."

Have you taken any unofficial visits yet or are you planning on taking any unofficial visits?

"I took an unofficial visit to Ole Miss this spring break and it was pretty nice. I had a good time there."

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