Ayers left Athens impressed

One of the top corners in the South visited the University of Georgia on Tuesday and he left impressed. Ryan Ayers spent over eight hours in Athens and he left seeing UGA is a different light.

"I liked Georgia more, a lot more than I thought I would," said Ryan Ayers. "Everyone was so nice, I felt at home, and I was very comfortable there." "I got there around 1pm and we didn't leave there until around 9:30pm. We stayed longer than I thought we would, but I had a good time."

"I spent a lot of time with the coaches and I just wanted to ask them questions and get to know them better. I spent time with Coach [Wille] Martinez when I first got there and we talked about a lot of things. I asked him about the defensive backs there, we watched some film, and we just hung out. We talked about all types of things and he is a real cool guy. He was always cracking jokes and I didn't think he was like that, so that was cool."

"I just went around spending time with all of the coaches after Coach Martinez, so I could get to know more about them and more about Georgia. The staff is all really nice and they were all straight up with me. I feel they are honest and they answered the questions I asked honestly. I am looking for that in coaches."

After spending time meeting the UGA staff, the four-star corner out of Douglasville, Ga. – South Paulding toured some of the Georgia facilities. The dorms stood out to him and he liked what he saw in Athens, but one thing that caught his attention greatly was on the academic side.

"I talked with a couple of the counselors there and they were a lot like the coaches, just very nice people," stated Ayers. "I talked to them about Sports Medicine because that is what I want to major in and they gave me a lot of information about that. Georgia has a good program in that and I really liked what they told me about it."

The 5-foot-10, 178 lock down corner did not get a chance to meet any of the current Bulldogs this time, but that will likely happen when he returns later this summer.

Ayers is currently the top corner in Georgia.
"I am going to go back over to Georgia when they have a camp and just chill with the coaches. I want to watch how they coach, how they do things, and just spend some more time over there. I got a good feel for Georgia on Tuesday, but I want to go back and learn some more. I did not talk to any of the players this time, but I think I will next visit."

While the coaching staff and counselors made Ayers feel comfortable, Head Coach Mark Richt did the same. Ayers spent a good amount of time in his office while in Athens.

"Coach Richt is a real good guy and he reminds of my coaches here at South Paulding. He is just real cool, easy to talk to, and we talked about everything. We talked about family, what schools I am interested in, how Georgia is interested in me, what I am looking for in a school, Georgia, and all kinds of stuff. We just had a normal conversation and it was nice."

It seemed the whole visit to Georgia was nice for one of the top Peach State prospects, but was it nice enough to put them on top of his list? He has listed Georgia Tech as his leader for some time, so what about now?

"I can't name a leader or anything now," he answered when asked about who is on top of his list. "It is so close now and I really liked it over at Georgia. I am going to have to look at a few more schools, take a few more visits, and think about things before I can make a list of schools now."

"Everything at Georgia just reminded me of home, so they really impressed me a lot, but I can't name them or anyone as my leader right now."

He mentioned Alabama as the next school he could visit. Auburn got a visit from Ayers over the weekend and he gave that visit high marks.

Chad Simmons is the Recruiting Analyst for the South Region and he can be reached at ChadSimmons@Scout.com.

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