Bulldogs Host Broadway

Terrance Broadway was elated when Mississippi State offered him the chance to become a Bulldog. This past weekend Broadway and several members of his high school team had the chance to visit the Mississippi State campus as part of the first official summer camps for Coach Dan Mullen and his new staff.

Terrance Broadway profile

"We went to Mississippi State yesterday," said Broadway. "We went 9-1 and we lost in the semi-finals. We lost to Simmons. We had a good day. It was good to come out and compete and see our team come together. The teams were real tough once we got to the third round."

Terrance feels like he represented his self well during the day long event.

"Overall I feel like I did great, but I could have done better in the semi-finals," said Broadway. "It was an even match and we were all pretty fatigued. They were a good team and we were a good team. We didn't play our best. We could have done better."

During the course of the day, Terrance was able to get to know the Bulldog coaching staff and campus a little better.

"I talked to Coach Mullen, Coach Koenning and the other coaches," said Broadway. "Coach Mullen told me a few things about my throwing motion that are going to help me. They gave me a little tour, so I got to chance to see a lot of things.

"I like the campus and the facilities. I really like the new academic center."

Terrance was high on Mississippi State heading into the weekend and the Bulldogs did nothing, but improve their chances.

"They are in my top five, but I am not ready to come out with it yet," said Broadway. "I have the five schools, but I am not ready to say which schools yet, but Mississippi State is up there."

Broadway had planned to drop by the Ole Miss camp today, but those plans changed and Terrance elected to go home to Baton Rouge instead.

Terrance is considering making a decision later this summer.

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