Baylor Camp (Butler Stadium) Recap was at the Baylor Camps in Houston and from the Butler Stadium camp we have the following recap.

The camps from Houston are over and it is time to name our five top prospects from each one of the camps that Baylor ran in Houston. So here is our top five prospects from the Butler camp along with the top underclassmen.

Munchie Legaux- at both camps he was the best quarterback there. He started off slow, but once he warmed up, second round of the drills, he started throwing some bullets. His game suits Baylor in that he is very good at the roll outs and making decisions on the go. He is 6-4 and 185 is probably a bit on the high side for him but he is close. The coaches pulled him out and got the top backs, receivers and linemen to work with him on different aspects. At one point they had him working on the veer. Obviously there is some major interest there, he looked very good.

Jordan Jolly- FB Elkins- Jolly is a show stopper, he is just an incredible wide receiver, he has speed,moves, and hands. No one could stop him, anything thrown remotely close to him he caught, even the bad passes. When they pulled Munchie they had him through at Jordan. He is stacking commits up and Baylor is in the mix but he is a big-time receiver and more offers are coming for him.

Kirk Poston- St. Pius- Looks a bit heavy but carries the weight well. He dominate most of the time and only lost a couple of the matchups. He is very quick despite the extra size. Lots of offers here also and he will get more during the camp season. Poston is a very quiet player who does his talking on the field. He becomes intense during his time to perform, in this case the one on one drills.

Lowell Williams- Hands down the best player in the linebacker group is Lowell Williams from Marshall. He is about 6'3 or 6'4, weighs over 200 and speed, speed, speed. No one could block him when he worked out with the defensive ends, the linemen often times gave up after their second step because he was gone past them. At linebacker he was good in the pass drop drills and showed he could change direction. He has improved since last season and he is a sure fire D1 linebacker.

Eric Tomlinson- Klein High- runs great routes, soft hands and squares up to the quarterback when he turns for the ball. He is a D1 tight end all the way. Not very fast, but fast enough, he has a great frame that will grow and he is such a great target.

Top Underclassmen

Zack Vorenkamp- 2011 from Kingwood Park. He got hurt last year so he is off the radar map. In a skills competition he kept winning it, beating out even Munchie. He is very accurate and throws a good fastball. He has not filled out yet, but his arm screams D1 and he has enough size that the bigger schools, like Baylor and other Big 12 schools, won't pass him up because he is too short. He was the most consistant quarterback out there, rarely mis-firing. He got pulled out with Munchie to practice in front of the coaches.

Jeremiah Briscoe - 2012 quarterback from Second Baptist was impressive. Watching him he stood out, but I just figured out he is a 2012 quarterback and not a 2011 or 2010. Grading on a curve for being just a sophomore he definitely fits the bill as a D1 quarterback. He has a live arm, moves okay on the roll out but was inconsistant with his passes. I had downgraded him thinking he was a junior or senior but factoring in he has three seasons left, he is very good. He will be a name in his class, not the same as Conner Wood but up there.

Ragan Robichaux was the best 2011, speed kills and he has tons of it. He moves well but it took him a bit of time to pick up on the drills. He needs to fill out a bit more for a D1 linebacker, but he has good size and plenty of speed. I want to see him in games before signing off on our top 250 list but he has shown he has the skills to play the position. Nice player to talk to also.

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