Baylor camps Stock Report

Who made a big impression on us at the Baylor Camps? Well the list is long but we are happy to report a long list in this case. Here are the players that are in for a rankings bump the next rankings session.

Baylor camps Stock Report

The following players stock is up in our opinion. They were at the Baylor camps in Houston and performed above expectations, even when some of the expectations were very high.


Munchie Legaux - We thought he was good going into this but he did everything asked and even more. He is a three star but could slide into four star territory.

Zack Vorenkamp- No one is writing this 2011 player yet, but he was the second best quarterback at the camp and was the most accurate passer. He plays for a school that is off the radar map and was hurt most of last year.

Jeremiah Briscoe - 2012 quarterback's are not expected to look great at camps, they have a lot of work to do. Briscoe could be very good based on what he did in this camp. Yes he has a long way to go but he showed that he has the ability to be a top 100 player in his class.

Winton Perro - From Washington High School in Houston, not known to us before, he is known now. A strong senior season could put him in the division one schools for college.

Michael Stojkovic (Katy 2010)- He gets to be the starting quarterback for Katy HS for one year but based on what he did in the camp, Katy will be very good again. Strong armed and accurate he has D1 quarterback written all over him. Unfortunately he has not taken very many snaps so he will have to burst out the gates to get offers.

Running Backs

Dontae Williams - Already highly rated, he should be even higher. Great build and can do about anything you want him to do.

Xavier Brown - Committed to Houston as a running back, he is also a divsion one safety which was a suprise to us.


Jordan Jolly - Dominant, he is not the 220 pound receiver some likes but he has good size and does about everything above average.

Robert Singletary - Kingwood- Only been playing football for one season but he has some terrific upside. The first three games of his sneior season will be critical.

Drew Kinsella - Kingwood- His size makes him intriguing, he has enough moves to get a second look during his senior season.

Offensive Line

Tre Gregory- Memorial- nice tactician, His body is okay, he can get to 280, he needs more muscle mass but for a 16 year old he has some serious promise.

Antoine Everette - Lamar Consolidated- a battler on the line, he is a division one player on size and ability. Smart player also, he should get some offers by the time signing day comes.

Lawrence Willis- Aldine, 2011- not a great build but he can flat out block and loves to mix it up. Projected as a guard he has some serious upside.

Ian Gray - Pearland, he has improved since I saw him against Sam Rayburn, where his footwork was horrible. His footwork has improved enough that you take a flier on him and hope he keeps on improving.

Collin Fissell- Seven Lakes - A tactician who domianted everyone at the camp, he was previously unknown.

Defensive Line

Martin Ifedi - Westside, Nice big lean frame, he had some good moves but was not very consistant. He is a guy with promise who will be watched early in his senior season

Jahmaal Mitchell- Nimitz - undersized defensive end he is very quick and when he uses that quickness he wins. Other times he tried to use his size and lost the matchup. His game is quickness he needs to remember that

Aaron Davis- Dawson- wow, what a performance. He is about 6'0 and weighs 280, but he is very quick and powerfull. He rarely lost a matchup and when he did it was because he forgot technique and just tried powering through someone. If he was two inches taller he would have left the camp with an offer.


Hands down the best player at lineabcker is Lowell Williams from Marshall. He is about 6'3 or 6'4, weighs over 200 and speed, speed, speed. No one could block him when he worked out with the defensive ends, the linemen often times gave up after their second step because he was gone past them. At linebacker he was good in the pass drop drills and showed he could change direction. He has improved since last season and he is a sure fire D1 linebacker.

Ragan Robichaux was the best 2011, speed kills and he has tons of it. He moves well but it took him a bit of time to pick up on the drills. He needs to fill out a bit more for a D1 linebacker, but he has good size and plenty of speed. I want to see him in games before signing off on our top 250 list but he has shown he has the skills to play the position. Nice player to talk to also.

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