Ogletree goes in-depth about his decision

Five-star safety talks with Scout.com about his commitment to UGA...

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Chad Simmons: Alec, talk about when you decided that you were going to commit on Friday night. Was it in the car going to Rome? When did you start feeling like Friday was the right day for you?

Alec Ogletree: It kind of started two weeks ago when you and I were talking about the dinner (on Friday night). The week of the dinner I was thinking... I guess I had made my mind up that I was going to do it at the dinner.

CS: When did you tell your parents - was it in the car, or did they already know? CS: What was their response - were they surprised?

AO: Yes, they were surprised, and excited.

CS: Talk about when you started feeling that Georgia was the place to go. You mentioned that you knew that you were going to mention that you were going to Georgia. I know Miami was a school you liked growing up. I also know Georgia was a school that was going up your list a little bit, but when did you start feeling Georgia was the place for you?

AO: Every time I went up there I had a good time. It felt like home. The last time was probably the best time I had had up there so far - well, really at any college. It just felt like the right place to choose for me.

CS: What was it specifically, I know you went up there with your brother and a teammate of yours, that made you feel at home?

AO: Just how much fun we had. They made me feel like I was the only person there. I got to see everything I wanted to see, and had fun doing it. They were not just treating me as an athlete, but as a student, too.

CS: You mentioned Friday that Georgia's approach - to treat you like you were one of them already - did that have anything to do with your decision? Did other schools recruit you different than Georgia?

AO: Georgia recruited me harder than I expected, I guess. I just liked it, really. The coaches were like a family.

CS: Does it surprise you that you ended up at Georgia?

AO: No. Honestly I didn't feel Georgia at the start of the process. But like I said, the more I visited it, the more I liked it.

CS: I know you said your parents were excited when you told them. The next person to know was Mack Brown. Did you just walk up to hi and tell him that you were going to Georgia? How did you tell him?

AO: I went down the hall to go to the bathroom, I ran into Mack. We were just sitting there talking, and I asked him if he knew where he was going to commit, and he said no. He asked me, and I said yes. He wanted to know who, and I told him Georgia. He said: "That's what's up." I told him that I was not going to commit today. He told me after that, that he was going to commit ones of these days soon.

CS: Yes, I think Mack is going to commit here pretty soon, too. I know you have met and hung out. Is Mack a guy that you want to play with you at Georgia?

AO: Oh yeah. I have played against him already. He is a hard running back. He is hard to bring down - he can run it.

CS: Talk a little bit about Friday night. I know that you are a low-key guy. Were you nervous?

AO: I didn't feel nervous, but I was a little nervous. I would say I was excited. I really felt right to do it at the time.

CS: You told me that you wanted to commit, and I think I asked you five or six times if you were serious - I didn't know if I should believe you or not. I know that you would not joke around with me like that. When you got up there, did you have any second thoughts, or were you set to commit?

AO: I was pretty much set to committing?

CS: Do you think you surprised a bunch of people in that building?

AO: Pretty much everybody. Yeah, everyone, really.

CS: You told us even before you had the chance to tell Mark Richt on the phone. I remember you giving your mother a hug, and then grabbing the cell phone and called Coach Richt. Tell me about that conversation with Coach Richt...

AO: When I called him I told him that it was me. I was on a different cell phone than usual. He asked me how I was, and I told him I was good. He was in the weight room. I told him: "Coach I am just calling to tell you that I have committed to your school." He said: "Are you serious?" I said: Yes sir." He said: "Hold on one second." Then he put the phone down and started screaming. He was like: "Ahahahahahahaha!" Then he grabbed the phone and said: "I am so excited." He asked me if I had called the other coaches, and I told him that he was the first to know.

CS: You told me you got on the phone with Coach Martinez and Coach Garner.

AO: I was talking to Coach Martinez, and he said that he had his guy back there (meaning Ogletree). Coach Garner was just happy, too

CS: They are obviously excited to have you. You are the number one player in the state, and a five-star on Scout.com. We know Coach Richt, Martinez and the rest of the Bulldog Nation are excited, but what about you?

AO: I am very excited. I am going to go to some home games this year to see how it is. I am sure it is fun.

CS: I know you and Mack Brown were talking about playing together after the event Friday night, and I know that you and Da' Rick Rogers were there and did an interview with Dean Legge and Dawg Post. I know that you were talking with Garrison Smith at Tech on Friday. Are you going to try to get a few of those guys to join you at Georgia now?

AO: Hopefully they will all commit. We would be a great class together - all at one school.

CS: How would it be to have the top five or so players in the state all stay home and go to Georgia together

AO: That is what we hope for - all of the tops going to Georgia. That would be fun to play with each other.

CS: I know a big thing for you, and I know that you have said that if it works out that you would love it, but you can't make it work if it doesn't, but what about Zander? Is there a chance he could wind up with you at Georgia/

AO: Yes, there is a chance, I think he is going to workout up there (for Dawg Night), and they are going to evaluate him. Hopefully he will get something out of that.

CS: Is Athens going to be your home away from home? Are you going to go to the camps, and hit up as many games as possible in the fall?

AO: I will probably be around more often now and get more comfortable with the coaches.

CS: People always want to know, particularly a guy at the level you are, of how solid you are...

AO: I am very solid. The only thing that would change my mind about this is if something drastic happens - other than that I am a solid commit.

CS: Anything more you want to say to the Bulldog fans?

AO: Go Dawgs.

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