Ryan White up to Seven Offers

Tallahassee quarterback Ryan White talks about the offers he has accumulated to date. From a list of seven offers he lists a top four and talks about trips planned for the rest of the summer. Ryan talked about which coaches he's been talking to this summer and the date in which he plans to announce.

Ryan White - Profile

How has your recruiting been so far this summer?

"It has been going real well. Not much has really changed over the past few week other than the fact I have been talking with a few coaches and getting to know their schools better."

Which coaches have you been talking with this summer?

"I have been talking with Coach Kelly from Georgia Tech, Coach Duggan from Southern Miss, Coach Graham from South Carolina, and Coach Smith from East Carolina a lot."

How many offers do you have to date?

"I have seven offers so far. Georgia Tech, Southern Miss, East Carolina, South Carolina, South Alabama, Indiana, and Iowa State all have offered me so far."

Do you have a top five or a leader at this point?

"My top teams would be Georgia Tech, South Carolina, East Carolina, and Southern Miss."

Would any of them be considered a leader at this point?

"I did have a leader but each school has something different to offer that they are all pretty much even right now. I think I will visit the schools and learn more about them before coming out and saying one particular school is my leader."

Have you any more visits set up for the summer?

"Right now I will be going to South Carolina with Cody Gibson at the end of July or early August. I also hope to make a trip to Southern Miss with my cousin sometime this summer if we can arrange it."

Have you decided on any visits to schools during the season?

I know I will be going to Georgia Tech twice. I will take in the Clemson game on Thursday night and take in the Georgia game later in the year. I plan on visiting East Carolina, South Carolina, and Southern Miss (maybe twice too) during the season."

It sounds like Georgia Tech is really recruiting you hard. Are you looking at them hard?

"I know they are high on me and they look real good to me. I just need to see where I stand with them."

How about official visits? Have you decided on which schools will get them?

I have an idea of which schools I will make officials but I will know for sure a little later and then announce which ones I will go to on officials. I may not take all five as I might have decided on a school before I take all five of them."

Do you have a time frame for a decision?

"Yes sir I do. I will be announcing on signing day. I'd like to hold a function at my high school and announce my decision then. Plus I want to take some visits during the season and I need to wait on making my decision until I have made all the visits I need to make."

Dale's Take:

Ryan was a pleasure to interview. He was getting ready for a big 4th of July weekend as he was going to a couple of cookouts and celebrating his grandmother's birthday. Ryan was very upfront about the schools he is looking at and wants to know exactly where he stands with each school in his recruitment.

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