Thornton Planning Michigan Visit

Michigan has taken aim at one of the top defensive tackle prospects in the south, and the interest is mutual. Stone Mountain (GA) lineman Michael Thornton hopes to get a feel for the Maize & Blue in the coming months.

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Sam Webb:  Michigan has been one of the schools showing increased interest in you in recent weeks.  Did anyone from the coaching staff make it by during the evaluation period?

Michael Thornton:  "I haven't had any Michigan come down.  I had a coach call during spring evaluation – Coach Hopson.  I actually talked to Coach Hop about a week or two ago."

Sam Webb: What did you guys talk about?

Michael Thornton:  "Actually, he offered me over the phone.  He told me they were looking for a great defensive tackle and they found that in me.  They needed to see my academic work and they offered a day later actually."

Sam Webb:  You have over twenty offers to your credit currently.  Have you narrowed down your list at all, and if so, does Michigan have a place on that narrowed down list?

Michael Thornton:  "Right now, I haven't narrowed down my list yet.  I would say if I had to pick a top 10 right now, Michigan would definitely be in there.  That's a school that I can't get to right now.  Hopefully as the process goes on I'll be able to take an official visit up there to see what is going on at Michigan."

Sam Webb:  Who are the other schools that are hitting you real hard at this point?

Michael Thornton:  "The schools that are coming in hard right now, I would say are Auburn, Georgia, Alabama and Clemson."

Sam Webb:  That's four prominent southern schools right there.  Are you thinking seriously about getting away from home or is playing close to home going to be the most likely scenario for you?

Michael Thornton:  "No not at all.  I have no problem with going out of state or going a couple of thousand miles to play ball.  I do want to play good ball, get a great education and have a successful life.  I do feel like Michigan can give me that.  I just want to see how their first couple of games go this year and then we'll go from there."

Sam Webb:  You know what you're going to be hit with by some of the coaches… "it's too cold, they get snow up there."  What about that… is weather going to be an issue?

Michael Thornton:  "I'll play in any kind of weather.  Shoot, I've been in the south for a long time.  It gets hot.  I would rather it be cold than too hot."

Sam Webb:  What about your mom.  What does she think about the possibility of you going away from home?

Michael Thornton:  "She just wants me to make the right decision.  It's my decision and she wants me to be happy wherever I go and be satisfied.  She is just going to ride it out."

Sam Webb:  You said you are going to take officials visits in the fall.  At what point do you think you are going to narrow down what places you going to go to?

Michael Thornton:  "Right now, I still need to figure out at least a top five before I can get into all that.  I know Michigan will be an official visit because that's just too far for me to just get up and get on a plane and go to."

Sam Webb:  What about timeline? When are you thinking about trying to make a decision?

Michael Thornton:  "I feel like, hopefully if I take a few official visits, I can get it out of the way in the middle of my season."

Sam Webb:  Who's helping you with this process; is it your coach, your parents; who's helping you with everything?

Michael Thornton:  "Actually my parents, my family basically and most of my coaches.  It is a community thing.  We all just talk to each other about different stuff.  If I have any problems I know I can go to anybody and they got my best interest (in mind)."

GoBlueWolverine will have more on Thornton in the months to come.

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