Green Closing In On A Decision

Grayson defensive tackle Shawn Green just returned from a weekend visit to Florida State. He spoke with about how the visit went and named his top three. He also told which three schools would be getting official visits during the season if he hasn't made a decision by the time his senior year starts.

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Did you make your scheduled trip to Florida State?

"Yes sir, I did. We made the drive down to FSU, which was about a 5 to 6 hour drive."

How did the trip go?

"I would rate it an 8. It was a good trip. I got a chance to talk with Coach Allan and Coach Hagans. They have a nice campus down there. It was a good visit. We had a good time down there."

Did this change anything about the teams that lead for you?

"No sir, not really. Ole Miss, Georgia Tech and FSU are my top three at this time. I just need to sit down and look at everything to see if I want to make a decision now or if I will wait until sometime during my senior season."

So I am guessing you are done with visits to schools?

"Yes sir, you could say that. The only other visits I will make will be the official visits I take and those three schools (leaders) are probably the only ones I will make officials to this year. I will most likely make the visits on a home game for each school. I went to the Georgia Tech/Duke game last year, so I know a little about Georgia Tech's game day experience but would like to make another one this year too."

What will you use to decide on a school?

"The biggest thing is if I go to that school, do I feel the most comfortable there. If there is a coaching change, will I like it even with a new coach in there. Playing time will not be a big factor as I know I will have to earn my time on the field and I don't expect it to be given to me."

So, your time frame when we last spoke looks to be the same now?

"Yes sir, if I don't make a decision before school starts I will make one sometime right afterward. I don't want it to drag too far into my school year. I just need a little time to sort everything out and then make a sound and clear decision."

Dale's Take:

Shawn said he enjoyed his time in Tallahassee this past Saturday and now all he has to do is decide which of the three schools he is looking at is the best fit for him. He will use the next few weeks to see if he can reach a decision and if he can't, he will use three of his five official visits to get more info on those schools. Look for more from Shawn in a couple weeks.

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