Broadway To Houston

Terrance Broadway had seen enough. After tripping throughout the south, Broadway found his spot this week after taking an unofficial visit to the University of Houston.

Terrance Broadway profile

"I committed to Houston," said Broadway. "I did it about an hour ago."

Less than 48 hours after visiting the U of H campus for the first time, Terrance has elected to join the Cougars' program.

"It went great," said Broadway of his mid week trip. "I had a nice time down there. I got to see a lot of stuff down there and I got to talk Coach Sumlin. I got to see the facilities and the apartments where the players stay. It was all nice."

Terrance reconnected with Coach Sumlin earlier this afternoon when he called to announce his commitment.

"He was very excited," said Broadway of Sumlin's reaction. "I am going back up there tomorrow with a couple of my guys to see if I can't get some of them to join me over there."

Now that his college plans are settled, Terrance is ready to get to work on Capital Lions football.

"It feels great," said Broadway. "It's a a big relief for me to get this over. It's like a weight off my shoulders."

The entire Broadway family is supportive of Terrance's decision.

"My mom, my aunt and uncle went with me, so they got to see everything too," said Broadway. "They all liked it. My coach is going over there with us tomorrow, so he will get to see it all then."

The distance from home was an added benefit, but the chance to play in an offensive scheme that is familiar was a huge selling point.

"I fit in great in the offense," said Broadway. "It's similar to what we run down here at my high school. I think it's going to be good for me."

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