Eye On Recruiting: Corey Lemonier

Don't laugh to hard BCS fans. Lemonier is giving a legitimate look at New Mexico.

When Coach Mike Locksley was hired here at UNM, one of the coaches from the previous staff told me, "Get ready because you follow recruiting, your job is about to get a lot busier."

Now TheRedMenace.com is proud to say that we have followed Lobo football recruiting like nobody else for 8 years now, and as a self-proclaimed expert (Yeah okay we are patting ourselves on the back here.) I would have to say the coach that told me this was 100% right and then some as Coach Locks and his staff have taken recruiting to a whole new level. Recruiting is their business, and business is good!

In that 8 years of following and reporting on UNM recruiting and following it in our radio days the decade before I am confident in saying New Mexico has never recruited a player coming out of high school with the pedigree of Corey Lemonier. (Hileah HS,  Hileah FL) To be blunt, Corey is all world! He has more stars associated with his name then the Orion constellation. He is listed as #3 defensive end in the country by Scout.com and the Miami Herald has named Lemonier #1 in their Florida Top 100!

Any school can just throw a name and offer out there no doubt, but it is another thing to get that young man or men to visit and that is exactly what Lemonier and  Smith came out to New Mexico last month. TheRedMenace.com was able to report the story and all our jaws in the TRM office dropped. Not only us, but all of a sudden Lobo fans had a little extra pep to their step as New Mexico was now mentioned in recruiting circles with the likes of Miami, Florida St., Florida, Tennessee, Auburn, and Florida.

Wes Henderson of TheRedMenace.com spoke with Corey Lemonier last night about his visit to New Mexico and recruiting in general.

Corey for those of us that have never looked you up on the internet, what kind of a player are you? And what should the university that signs you expect out of you? "I'm fast and physical," responded Lemonier. "People should expect some one that works hard every practice and does the right things." While it would be tough to improve from #1 don't think for a second that Corey Lemonier is resting on his laurels. "I have to continue working on my pad levels and more moves before I get to college," says Corey.

We have seen various reports that you and teammate Calvin Smith want to attend the same school, how true is this and can it happen? "It's likely we'll end up at the same school," says Lemonier. "But I have to see my options as well." How cool would it be to be teammates on the college level? "It would be great," replies Corey. "I'll have someone that I have been playing beside me for 3 years."

Speaking of recruiting, what schools are recruiting you the hardest right now? "The schools that have been recruiting me the hardest is Tennessee, Florida Auburn, and Illinois," said Lemonier. "I haven't heard from New Mexico in a few days, but I know they are recruiting me as well."

A couple of weeks ago we reported that Calvin and yourself came to New Mexico on an un-official visit how did that go? "It was really really good," exclaimed Lemonier. "It is different from what I seen, but I really liked it."

Thanks Corey!

Ultimately will a pair of blue chip athletes like Corey Lemonier and Calvin Smith end up at a non-BCS school like New Mexico? Well traditional thinking says no, but 2009 and future thinking has changed traditional thinking. The NFL can and will find you wherever you play, and that is one of the selling points that non-BCS s schools at this time. You can go to a BCS school, work hard, and hope to get in a few plays your sophomore or junior year, or you can go to a non-BCS schools, have an excellent shot to start as a frosh, be on television, and still be looked at by NFL scouts. More importantly, you get to play…

As a college football fan it is exciting to see how this all plays out, and stay tuned to TheRedMenace.com as we will be following Corey Lemonier's recruiting very closely.

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