Mock Draft: Florida recruits (Round 3)

As we progress through the middle of summer recruiting season, it's time to spice things up a bit here at A trio of analysts who cover the state of Florida have decided to take part in a mock draft, consisting of only Florida recruits for the Class of 2010.

With a little over a month remaining until the start of the high school football season in the state of Florida, the guys who cover the state for Scout have decided to make things a little interesting. Over the next few weeks, we will release the round-by-round results of a mock draft on a daily basis. The participants in this series are Chad Simmons (who covers the Southeast region for Scout), Geoff Vogt (who runs the Florida high school site on Scout), and Mike Bakas (who covers recruiting in the state for Scout). Each day, they'll continue building a team that will consist of players at every position. It should be a lot of fun to see who selects who, when, and why. It's time to get on with round number two.

7. SIMMONS: Matt Elam, S, Dwyer – "With the 7th pick overall, I took one of the top athletes in the country Matt Elam. Elam sometimes gets overlooked because he made such an early decision in recruiting, but he is as gifted as they come. He could be a star at many different positions, but he will be the leader in my secondary. He is very strong in run support at safety and he has shown very good instincts when back in coverage also. He has great ball skills and if he picks a pass off, then he instantly becomes a scoring threat. The state of Florida has a lot of talent in the secondary, but I took the best of the bunch with this pick."

Simmons' picks: LB Jeff Luc (1), OT Brent Benedict (2)

8. VOGT: Jonathan Dowling, S, Bradenton Southeast – "Simmons picked the two players behind me that I expected him to take (Benedict, Elam). My hand is forced here however, I have to take Jonathan Dowling. I needed one of the top safeties and Elam and Joyner are gone. With 14 picks as a junior, he is the ballhawk I am looking for. I would have taken Dowling over Joyner or Elam anyway (in my scheme), so in that sense I feel this is great value, I seriously considered taking him round 2, but gambled that Simmons would not go Elam AND Dowling, I felt that my Linder pick made that impossible for him to do (and I would have grabbed Benedict if he had). Dowling has a prototype frame to work with, speed, and this kid just knows where to be and is always in position. I am going to look for an enforcer type to pair with him at SS down the road."

Vogt's picks: DE Corey Lemonier (1), OT Brandon Linder (2)

9. BAKAS: Christian Jones, OLB, Lake Howell – "We were very surprised to see Jones still available with the ninth pick since we believe he's one of the top five players in the entire state this year. We had him rated as our No. 1 linebacker so we believe we're getting a tremendous value pick here. He's a good-sized kid who can fly around and make plays. He's a big enough kid who could potentially grow into a pass-rushing terror at defensive end. He has the bloodlines (his father played in the NFL). No matter how you slice it, we believe getting Jones is huge for our team and someone who we think will make a big impact for us."

Bakas' picks: WR Christian Green (1), S Lamarcus Joyner (2)

That's it for round two. Stay tuned for tomorrow, as the round three selections will be announced.

Rounds: 1, 2

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