Scout's Take: UConn LB commitment

UConn just picked up a talented middle linebacker prospect from south Florida so lets take a closer look at him as a prospect.

Desmond Bozeman has made his decision.

"I committed to UConn," Bozeman told on Saturday night.

What to Like: Bozeman has ideal size for someone playing in the middle. He's at least 6-2 and has a frame to add some more good weight. His frame gives him a chance to take on blockers at the point of attack, fill holes, and do the types of things good middle linebackers do in high school. He's usually around the ball a lot. If you watch Dillard play on defense, he sticks out for two reasons -- he has really long hair coming from the back of his helmet and he's usually around the ball. He seems to have some decent football instincts. He also has nice ball skills when he drops back in coverage, as indicated by a few picks that he had as a junior last season.

What may concern you: While he's around the ball a lot and moves around pretty well, he doesn't have great closing speed. When he sees the play, he doesn't explode to the ball like some middle linebackers do at that age. He's also not a huge hitter, something a lot of people like in their MLB prospects. He'll get to the ball-carrier and will wrap up and tey taking him down as opposed to going explosively right through him.

Bottom Line: Traditionally, Dillard has always produced quality Division 1 players and Bozeman is the best they have to offer this season. He's been starting for a couple years in the middle of their defense and a lot of college programs liked what Bozeman brought to the table as a prospect. It's hard to imagine he'll get a whole lot faster but he has a lot of good qualities you look for and is a solid Division 1 middle linebacker prospect.

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