"Move the Chains" – Offense Part I (QBs)

Scout.com was at the "Move the Chains" 7 v 7 Tournament at Western Regional Park in Howard County, Maryland. Not only did the event have some of the top teams and players in the area but also hosted football power Gateway High School from Monroeville, PA. In part one of two of the best offensive performances, we look at the quarterbacks.

The first annual "Move the Chains" 7 v 7 football tournament took place in Western Howard County Maryland. Each team played three games and then was seeded for a single elimination tournament. There was very good talent on both sides of the ball. Below are some of the better offensive performances of the day from the quarterbacks. The quarterbacks were not allowed to run past the line of scrimmage and had four seconds to release the ball or it would be considered a sack for the defense.

Quarterbacks -

Rob Kalkstein (Sr., Gateway) – Kalkstein may be smaller in stature but has big time game. The about to be four-year starter threw the ball well all day. He was consistent and made very good decisions. Although he clearly had the best talent around him he continually utilized that talent by giving his players the ball in positions so that they could make big plays after the catch. He is very poised and can check down to the open receiver.

Zachary Dancel (Jr., Good Counsel) – Dancel continues to grow physically and as a quarterback. The staff used the quick-footed left hander's mobility to roll out and make plays to receivers on the edge. He had really good zip on the ball especially on the quick outs. When in the pocket he made good decisions and showed confidence in the pocket most first-year quarterbacks don't show. His first big test will come in the season's first game against Valhalla High School in San Diego, CA.

Billy Cosh (Sr., Arundel) – Cosh showed why he is the best quarterback in the state. Surrounded by a younger (experience wise) receiving corps than in past years, Cosh will make the new receivers look good. He is very confident and playing in the best passing offense in the state he makes good decisions and gave the young receivers catchable balls. He can make all the throws and is great leader. As expected he and the younger receivers weren't always on the same page but they have the preseason still to go and the Arundel coaches will have the high powered offense ready to go by the start of the season. His ability also stood out amongst the opposing players and coaches as received much praise throughout the day. Cosh has offers from Kansas State, Kentucky and East Carolina.

Dajon Modeste (Jr., Long Reach) – Modeste is another quarterback that showed a bigger game than his stature. Dajon is a gifted playmaker that usually uses his feet more than his arm. On this day, Dajon had to use more of his arm. The left-hander showed good velocity on the short routes and also has enough arm to get the ball downfield to his talented receivers. He rebounds well from a bad play and seemed loose and upbeat all day.

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