Burns Can Manage an Offense

Scout.com takes a look at three-star signal caller Devin Burns who committed to the Maryland Terrapins and will compete with Tyler Smith in 2010.

It may simply be the design of his school's offense, but the first thing I notice about Devin Burns is that he goes to his first read constantly and stares that receiver down. If the read isn't there he immediately leaves the pocket and takes off down field. Most coaches will want their quarterback to go through progressions, however after watching his film it's clear that is not his team's plan for him. Burns rolls out of the tackle box on most plays and throws a lot of short routes, depending on his receivers to pick up yards after the catch. He is generally accurate on short and intermediate passes and does a good job managing the game. You can see scrambling ability on his film, however I'm not sure he has the speed to be able to be as effective on his feet at the collegiate level. Burns does show a lot of poise on the field, makes good decisions and most importantly, moves the chains. Getting a feel for his throwing ability was a bit tough on film. As previously stated most of the passes he threw were shorter routes, however on some of the longer passes he completed he showed very good touch and also was also accurate, hitting his receivers in stride.

My biggest concern with him is that he did not have to go through progressions and read the field at the high school level. The biggest obstacle to overcome when going into a college atmosphere is generally the speed of the game and he'll have to play catch-up on this with James Franklin. On the other hand, one of his biggest assets is that he is a game manager. Many people look at that term as a way of saying that a player does nothing really well, however that couldn't be further from the truth. Plenty of "game managers" have taken their teams to national championships and/or won big games. He's obviously mastered the system he was taught Carver High School which shows he is coachable, so being confident he can get the Maryland offense down is realistic. Again, there's not one thing that Burns brings to the table that will "wow" you, but with some work he could become a solid starter in my opinion.

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