Scout's Take: Tennessee TE commit

Tight end Delvin Jones recently committed to Tennessee so lets take a closer look at him as a prospect.

What to Like: From a physical standpoint, he has a skill set that only a few kids in the entire state have every year. The way he's built, you could put him right in the middle of an NFL practice and no one would be able to pick him out as being the high school kid. He runs really well for his size, he's explosive, he's a great athlete, he's strong, everything. You often hear the term "off the charts" being used to describe certain kids. While he might not be off the charts yet, his skill set certainly is and it's one that few kids can match anywhere. As a defensive end, he wins because he's so explosive off the ball and is able to beat opposing tackles right off the bat with his quickness upfield. At receiver, he creates huge mismatches because of his size and is able to go up and win most jump balls because of his height and leaping ability.

What may concern you: This past January, Jones started his fourth high school in three years. He started out his prep career at Homestead, where he played under defensive coordinator Mike Barrow (now an asst coach at the Univ of Miami). Despite being such a talent, he didn't make an impact on the field for them. He did, however, have a huge junior season in 2008 – at tiny LaSalle High, where he had 24 sacks. But playing LaSalle's schedule isn't exactly like playing the Northwesterns and Centrals of the world. In other words, he's a bit unproven at the highest level in Dade County. Playing the schedule he saw last year, Jones was far and away the most physically gifted kid on the field each and every week. He was never tested like he will be this fall and certainly not like he will be in college. He wants to play wide receiver in college but will likely play tight end because he's already bigger than a lot of Division 1 tight ends. While he has some ball skills, it's unclear how good his hands are and how well he'll be able to get open and behind 6A defenses in Dade County.

Bottom Line: Jones has all the tools to play on Sunday one day. He's that talented. Having a big year playing 6A ball at Palmetto will go a long way in solidifying himself as one of the state's elite prospects. It's all on Delvin this season because the pieces are in place for him to really elevate his recruiting stock, even though he was already one of the state's most heavily recruited players at the time of his commitment.

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