Beckwith Putting Best Foot Forward

One of the top prospects in the Mississippi Association of Independent Schools (MAIS) is Benton Academy product Ben Beckwith. The talented offensive lineman believes he has what it takes to be successful on the college level. He made the rounds this summer on the camp circut and now he plans to play his way into some scholarship offers with a strong senior year.

Ben Beckwith profile

Benton Academy has high hopes this year, but the season got off to slow start this past Friday with a hard fought loss.

"We lost by 11 to University Christian," said Beckwith. "I think I played pretty good for a first game. I didn't come off the field other than kick or punt returns. I wanted to make it through the whole game and I did. I got back in the groove out there."

Benton will look to get on track this week when they host the Panthers of Canton Academy.

"We have to get our defense going again," said Ben. "We did a heck of a job defensive in the jamboree, so we spent more time on offense that next week of practice. We just need to get right and show up this week and play hard."

Offer number one has proven to be rather elusive for the hard hitting offensive lineman. He is working hard this season to prove himself worthy of a scholarship offer.

"It's pretty much the same schools," Ben. "Not much has changed right now. I thought maybe State or Southern were going to offer me right after the summer, so I am not sure right now how things stand. I just don't know. I am just going to keep working hard and maybe something will happen."

The pressure and workouts of the summer give college prospects lots of time to think about their future. The season and senior classes often provide a necessary distraction, but Ben reports that is not always the case.

"Getting back in school kind of helps and kind of doesn't," said Beckwith. "It's almost like you have another sport. You have to keep your grades up and go to a lot of meetings and things like that. There is still a lot of pressure on you especially being a senior. You have to finish strong and not slack off."

While Ben is anxiously awaiting his first offer, he believes he knows what college coaches want to see from him before they extend a scholarship.

"I think coaches want to see me dominate every snap off the ball and not play down to the level of competition," said Beckwith. "They want to see what all I can really do and play at a high level all of the time. You never know who is going to be in the stands, so I always try to remember that during the game. I always want people to see me playing my best."

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