Brown Impressive in Season Opener

The nation's No. 4 ranked running back came up big against his arch rival. Five-star tailback Mack Brown and MLK had a huge win last night as they knocked off No. 1 ranked SW Dekalb, 13-9. Brown ended the night with 66 yards on 21 carries running against eight- and nine-man fronts all night long right up the middle.

Only once or twice did MLK force Mack Brown outside, on an option for a gain of 12 yards. As he caught the pitch he showed great burst and acceleration to get around the edge.

The most impressive run of the night by either team was called back. Brown took a handoff and weaved his way through the left side of his offensive line cut back to the middle to only cut back to his left and leave the SW defender gasping for air as he strolled into the end zone for a score 26 yards later. Watching from the sidelines one thing was perfectly clear, Brown is the total package at the running back position and deserves his five star ranking as the nation's fourth best running back.

More than 10,000 filled the stadium and it was clear where MLK was going with the ball against the state of Georgia's top ranked team and Brown was always gaining positive yards. Every run minus a few were designed to start inside (power) and then get back to the outside (vision) as he navigated his way (balance) through the defense. Brown had a great night blocking as Georgia commitment T.J. Stripling would soon find out pound for pound Mack Brown is one of the strongest players in the state.

With the game in question late in the third quarter on a 3rd-and-four from inside the SW 10-yard line Brown and Stripling met. The tight end on the right side released Stripling as he had a clear path to the quarterback or so he thought. Stripling who showed great speed and quickness on the night came in full blast as Brown stepped up to meet him. Brown stood Stripling up in what was maybe the night's hardest hit in a game full of devastating hits. Stripling's momentum immediately stopped and to make matters worse Brown used his leverage to ride Stripling on his back and into the ground as MLK would score with the same tight end that released Stripling into the backfield. Stripling sat on the ground for a minute looking shell shocked as if to say where did that come from.

Georgia commitment Ken Malcome is very impressive physically and will make a great great fullback for Georgia one day.

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