Hicks Gives the Latest

College coaches from several top programs were present at Jordan Hicks' game on Friday. Hicks and Firebirds head coach Larry Cox talked about their contact with those staffs, the process of setting official visits and more.

Coaches from several major programs including Alabama and Texas were at Lakota West on Friday night for their victory over Mason. While the Firebirds have several great prospects on their team, the focus for these schools was five-star linebacker Jordan Hicks.

"It was definitely in back of my mind," Hicks said of playing in front of those watchful eyes, "I tried to keep my focus on the game and play my game."

With his team at 5-1, Hicks and head coach Larry Cox are successfully balancing their attention on both their season and the recruiting process. At this point, Hicks has taken one official visit, Ohio State, and has one scheduled this weekend to Texas. He also says he has recently spoken with Coach North and Coach Carroll at USC about taking a visit out west, but no date has been set yet.

Hicks and Cox each went into detail about several of the schools on his list.

"They have shown numerous times that they are one of the top defenses. They showed that when I was there also, when they played USC. It is important for me to play for a good defense because I know I’ll be getting good coaching there. I talked to Coach Fickell last week. He was just saying that he couldn’t make it up this week just because they had an away game."

Cox: "Coach Tressel also talked to Jordan’s mom this week via phone, just to let her know that they’re not at the game due to lack of interest, they just have a different philosophy when it comes to that…scheduling and having coaches available."

"Texas is still on [for an official visit this weekend]. Coach Muschamp came up for the game on Friday. I talked to him on the phone last week before he came up. He just said he was excited to come up and everything.”

Cox: "[Coach Muschamp’s] an outstanding human being. He’s been a joy to work with. He is always staying in contact, but he doesn’t bug you. We talk at least every other week just to stay in contact and I enjoy the relationships I’ve built with these recruiters throughout the process. He had to sell Jordan to Mack. Let’s face it, he’s an Ohio kid and they’re thinking what do we need to go to Ohio for? It wasn’t until the day Jordan came down to camp that Mack fell in love with him. It wasn’t just his athleticism, but the whole package and Will sort of said, ‘we wouldn’t be coming up here if we didn’t think this was important.’” Will gives you that confidence, as his coach, to make sure that if things were to go bad, that the Ohio kid isn’t going to get picked on. Mack is a great head coach, but when Mack wants to give it up, they have a great one in waiting. That gives me confidence that if Jordan does want to go there, that he’s going to be taken care of.”

Hicks confirmed that an official visit will be taken to Florida in December, although an exact date has not been named yet.

Cox: Scott Loeffler stopped up Thursday. We talked about it. The way they do the official visits, they want them at a time where they can spend a lot of time. They don’t like to do official visits on games; if that’s the only way you can do it then that's fine, but they like to do it when they can spend a lot of time with the recruit. Scott and I had a great meeting when he was up here."

“I’m thinking about the Tennessee game [to take an official visit to Alabama], but it is not official yet. It was actually this weekend, Coach Sal (Sunseri) came up for the game and it was good. We also talked to Coach Saban on the phone last week. It was good phone call. I hadn’t talked to him in awhile.”

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