'Time-out' Spotlight: Corey Grant

Corey Grant, four-star running back from Opelika, Ala., is a Tide commitment for the class of 2010. He took some time to discuss what motivates him as a player and how character is important on-and-off the field.

Corey Grant
Class: 2010
Ht: 5-10
Wt: 190
40 Time: 4.3
Bench Max: 300
Squat Max: 500
University of Alabama commitment

Shea Lowery: Greatest goal in life:
Corey Grant: To be a successful person, to live a good life, and try to make a change in someone else's life.

SL: How do you prepare yourself to become the very best you can on the field:
CG: Work hard every day and listen to what the coach has to say.

SL: How important is it to be a good listener as an athlete and as a person:
CG: Because it is better to listen. For example, from these past years, I have learned if you listen more, you learn more. So try to listen because there is always going to be more you can learn each and every day. Listen instead of running your mouth in other things.

SL: How do you prepare yourself to become the very best in the classroom:
CG: Pay attention and study hard. It is very important because you need that to go to college. (Corey is an A&B student.)

SL: How do you want to be remembered one day:
CG: As a person of good character.

SL: A lot of eyes are on you. Is it important for you to be seen as a great football player or as a great young man of character:
CG: A great young man of character, but I would love both. Character comes first.

SL: What is your greatest dream:
CG: Just to be successful in life with no worries.

SL: What would you like to be doing 10 years from now:
CG: If not playing football, then I would like to be a coach or a teacher.

SL: Why is finishing so important:
CG: There is no reason to put in all that hard work if you are not going to finish. You will feel better about yourself and more confident as you do what you have to do and as you finish what you start. You should always finish what you start.

SL: Share a time in your life when the going got tough, but you kept going:
CG: Everyday at football practice, in the classroom, and with school work.

SL: Who has had the greatest influence on your life and why:
CG: My dad, because he has been in the same situation, and he has helped me out with it. (Corey's dad, Ike Grant, played at Alabama State and went on to play for the New York Jets.)

SL: What are some things your dad taught you:
CG: Hard work and just never to give up.

SL: Your Mom:
CG: Stay in school.

SL: What does it take to become a champion:
CG: Hard work and persistence. Trying not to make mistakes, and when you do, learn from them.

SL: You have a lot of little eyes looking at you. What advice would you give a young boy just starting out to play football:
CG: Keep your head up because it's going to be tough, but never give up. You will come out on top if you do that.

SL: How do you motivate yourself from within:
CG: Just try to look at it from another way or from another perspective, and just always think that good times will come.

SL: What is one of the toughest times you have ever had to face on the football field:
CG: Last year against Enterprise. We needed someone to step up and score. I just took it upon myself to do that. I knew we needed that game. It was a region game. So, for us to become the top seed in this area, we needed to win that game.

SL: How has football prepared you for life:
CG: It has taught me hard work and to never give up. And whenever you get knocked on your feet get back up and try again.

SL: When you walk off that field on Friday night, what image do you want to portray to others:
CG: Just a person of great character and perseverance.

SL: How important is it to portray that same image on a Saturday night:
CG: Very important because people are going to look at you and judge you just because of who you are or how you are on a football field. It is best to keep a good character all the time.

SL: How important is it to remain positive:
CG: Because what you do reflects on other people. You always have people looking up to you, and you never know who is watching.

SL: How do you motivate your team:
CG: I am not a vocal leader. I lead by example.

SL: What are some things you have learned from playing football:
CG: Working hard, never giving up, and knowing that there are going to be tough times, but you just have to fight through them.

SL: How does the Character Ed Class, which Opelika provides, help make you become a better man:
CG: It has helped a lot and made me look at things in a different way than I usually do. It changed my view points about things.

SL: What are some of the things you want to teach your kids one day what you have learned from your football coach:
CG: Just having good character will take you a long way in life.

SL: Who is your greatest rival:
CG: Auburn High School.

SL: What have you done throughout the years to get to the point of being one of the top ranked running backs in the nation:
CG: I do extra work in the weight room and on the field. Some days, I will be in the weight room an hour or two longer. Or when I know I need to work on something, I will spend extra time working on things. I just try to become the best at whatever I do. I watch a lot of film during the season, and study the game and the opponent.

In life, in football and in all things, it pays to go the extra mile. Corey Grant has worked hard all of his life, and today stands strong as one of the best in the nation. He has refused to quit and refused to give up. With a great passion, has purposed to work hard, even if it means many extra long hours.

Grant is a great example of what can happen in a life when dedicated, determined, and persistent.

We salute you for your hard work, your dedication, and the character you display on-and-off the field. Good luck this 2009 football season.

Shea Lowery is the Director of Quinn's Ranch Children's Home.
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