Scout TV:Senior Clips Demetruce McNeal

Scout.Com on the road and we caught Auburn Commit Demetruce McNeal in Action

If you watch the 2nd play of this video, you will see all you need to see out of Demetruce McNeal.

A play that is perfectly blocked on the edge and you have your RB one on one with a S is all a offense could ever ask for. McNeal closes the gap and makes the tackle for a 3 yard gain. That is what a DC is looking for on the next level on the defensive side of the ball however.

You want your FS to be the last line of defense and a sure tackler. McNeal showed me he is all of the above. I also like the fact that he was moved into the box and after making play after play the TE decided he had enough and starting holding. This is a sure sign of frustration and it drew a critical holding call in key point of the game.

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