Report: QB Jameill Showers evaluates, 2010 Texas A&M commit, Jameill Showers.

Profile: Jameill Showers

High School: Killeen Shoemaker (TX) High School

Height: 6'2

Weight: 205

Committed: Texas A&M


Jameil Showers has good overall size. He is not as tall as some QBs however, he is tall enough to see over the line and down the field without having to roll out of the pocket. In regards to his overall body composition, Showers is sturdy. He has thick legs and a strong upper body and torso.

While some would categorize Showers as a dual threat QB, I would not. I think Showers is athletic and can create with his feet but he is a throw first QB. He does not look to tuck and run when his primary target is not open. He goes through his progression and will hit the check down if need be. If the pocket collapses, he will use his athletic ability to buy time but he always keeps his eyes downfield. If he has to tuck and run, he is very dangerous. He is elusive in the open field, has vision, and the speed to pick up big chunks. But unless it is called as a zone read or a QB draw, Showers looks to pass the football.

As a passer, Showers has decent mechanics and a snap release. He can make most Division 1 BCS level throws however, he needs to work on consistently keeping his feet under him for balance and weight transfer so that he can zip the ball in on deeper routes. He shows touch on the shorter routes and very good placement on the deep ball. He is very smart but he will often times stare down his target. On the run he accurate. He does a great job of throwing on the move but also shows the ability and wherewithal to set back up quickly when he has the space and time and deliver strikes.

At the BadgerSport 7on7 in Las Vegas, Showers was the leader of team Texas. He was a fierce competitor and handled being the QB on the last drives. He is savvy and self-assured and he has all the tools to be a successful college QB.

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