Five Southeast Questions Southeast manager Chad Simmons tackles five tough questions on the recruiting trail including the biggest surprises in the region this year, big senior movers, and the top prospect in the class of 2011.

What team has surprised you the most in the Southeast this year on the recruiting trail?

Simmons: Two jump out to me and one is Georgia Tech and the other is Tennessee.

Lane Kiffin
Lane Kiffin has just been full of surprises since he took over the job and he has one of the top staffs in the South when it comes to recruiting. They are very aggressive, they do not stop, and they will push the limits. They really have not only recruits talking, but parents and high school coaches as well. Just the way they have hit the ground running, made big first impressions, and the way they are lining up to have a strong class has surprised me a little.

Georgia Tech staying in state for their 2010 class is surprising. They are known for going out of state to Texas, up North, into Florida, and more outside of the Georgia borders than just recruiting in-state kids. They have 12 commitments and all 12 are from the state of Georgia. Paul Johnson has made it known that they are going to recruit Georgia and go head to head against Georgia for prospects in the future.

What player has moved up the most based on what you have seen to this point?

Corey Miller has really surprised me and he has looked more impressive this year than I expected. I have seen him so many times in recent years in games and camps and he has just taken his game to another level in 2009. He has gotten bigger, stronger, better against the run, and is just flat out more explosive. I went into this season looking at Brandon Willis as the more dominant defensive lineman at Byrnes, but based off what I have seen to date Miller is the top guy in 2009.

Shun Coleman, Keenan Allen, and Corey Crawford are three others who either have or will make a positive move in the rankings.

What team do you see poised to move up the most over the next four months with the types of names still left on the board?

I have to go with Florida because they have so many big recruits still out there that they have a legit shot at landing. Guys like Ronald Powell, Jeff Luc, Chris Dunkley, LaMarcus Joyner, and Chaz Green are six of the top 76 prospects in the country that they are seriously being considered by. All are five-stars other than Green as well. They are currently number eight in rankings, but you have to believe Florida will be in the top three, maybe number one when all is said and done.

What out-of-region team is making the biggest impact in the Southeast?

Stanford has to be mentioned first here because they are not only outside of the South, but they are all the way

Daunte Carr
across the country. They have come into this region and picked up commitments from offensive linemen Torrian Wilson (Florida), Joe McNamara (Florida), and David Yankey (Georgia), defensive end Henry Anderson (Georgia), safety Daunte Carr (Georgia) and they just lost the commitment of Tai-ler Jones (Georgia) who is now headed for Notre Dame. They have a top state to recruit in like California, but they are looking at talent in the South as well.

The other one is West Virginia. They currently have 19 commitments and seven of them are out of the South region. They went into Tennessee to get talented quarterback Barry Brunetti. He is still being courted by a number of schools, but he remains solid to the Mountaineers. They also went into South Florida to get safety Travis Bell, wide receiver Fred Pickett, athlete Darius Millines, and corner Robert Clark. They then dipped into Alabama for linebacker John Propst and Georgia for wide receiver Quantavious Leslie. They are stopping there, they are in it for Nickell Robey and some others as well.

Who do you see as the #1 overall prospect from the Southeast for 2011 right now?

There are so many candidates up for the top spot in the South right now like Tim Jernigan from Florida, Jadeveon Clowney

2011 Top Prospect Highlights

Stephone AnthonyLB #42
Mike BellamyRB #5
Jadeveon ClowneyDE #7
Isaiah CrowellRB #1
Tim JerniganDT #9
Jermauria RascoDE #1
Jay RomeTE #11
from South Carolina, Jay Rome from Georgia, Jermauria Rasco from Louisiana, Isaiah Crowell from Georgia, Stephone Anthony from North Carolina, Mike Bellamy from Florida, and some others.

I named Jernigan as my top overall junior a short while ago and I have to stay with that for now. I have seen more film on Clowney and a few others to this point, but it is hard to find a true interior defensive lineman that can move the way Jernigan does. He is strong, he can play the run, and he can rush the passer. He has a good first step, his hands are pretty active, and his upside is extremely high. The South will be loaded again in 2011 and I have stacks of film on my desk still to watch on many top juniors, so the top spot could change many times between now and signing day 2011.

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