Vanderbilt verbal contemplating new offers

Kenneth Ladler, safety from Stephenson High School in Stone Mountain, Ga., garnered a couple of SEC offers last week. The Vanderbilt commitment still likes the Commodores, but he is contemplating these new offers.

"I'm still solid with my commitment to Vanderbilt," said Kenneth Ladler. "Right now, I'm still with Vanderbilt. They've shown me love since the beginning. They have my loyalty."

"I got two new offers last week. I got offers from South Carolina and Kentucky. I wanna look into it. I wanna look around and see what these schools look like.

"I'm gonna go up to South Carolina to see a game. I'll probably go when they play Florida. I think that's their last game of the season. I wanna see what it's like up there. I wanna get a feel of the atmosphere.

"A couple of my teammates just got offers from Kentucky, too. We're probably all gonna go up there together sometime. I'm not sure when we'll go. I'll definitely go up there at some point, though."

Ladler is currently thinking about three official visits.

"I don't know when I'll go to Vanderbilt for my official," he said. "It'll probably be after my football season is over. I do plan to take official visits to Vanderbilt, South Carolina, and Kentucky. For right now those are the three I'm thinking about. I haven't planned any official visits yet."

There are a couple of factors that could change Ladler's mind about his commitment.

"If I back out of my commitment to Vanderbilt, it's probably gonna come down to opportunities. Early playing time will be a factor. If I think that I can go somewhere and play earlier, that might change my mind. That'll be the biggest factor for me.

"My teammate Raymond, (Raymond Sanders) is trying to get me to come play at Kentucky. He committed there (Kentucky) a while back. That could be a factor, too. It'd be nice to have a high school teammate in college with me."

It is still likely Ladler will stick with his commitment to the Commodores.

"There's probably a 90-percent chance that I'll stick with my commitment to Vanderbilt," he commented. "I'm still looking around a little bit. I'm just keeping 10-percent open because I wanna look and see what Kentucky and South Carolina have to offer."

The Dekalb County standout has put together some nice stats through eight games.

"Right now I've got 52 tackles, one interception, and five pass break-ups," he commented.

Will Kenneth Ladler become a Commodore on signing day? Stay tuned...

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