Irish Interest Blythe

Offensive lineman Austin Blythe from Williamsburg High School (Iowa) hadn't really thought about Notre Dame football until he made an unofficial visit to South Bend a couple weeks ago. Now that he has seen the campus, his interst in the Irish is on the rise.

Austin Blythe (6-foot-3, 280-pounds) is sure how Notre Dame became interested him as a recruit, but that really doesn't matter to him at this time. Once the Notre Dame coaches invited him to campus he jumped at the opportunity.

"They've been sending me some letters here and there," Blythe responded when asked about the recruiting interest he's been receiving from Notre Dame. "I've gotten a few game invites, but nothing too big right now. It's all really exciting. Our season just ended, so I'll just see what comes in the mail from here out.

"I hadn't really thought about Notre Dame football until they sent something to me. I think going to the Notre Dame-USC game a couple weeks ago convinced me that I should go back again and look more in-depth into Notre Dame.

"It was the first time I went," he said. "I went with my dad, my coach, and my little brother went. We had a good time. We didn't get to see a lot off the campus, but the parts of the campus that we did see were really nice. That's probably the thing that stood out most, along with the quality of the facilities like the weight room and equipment rooms and stuff like that."

Despite the fact that Notre Dame lost the game that day, Blythe liked what he saw from the Irish.

"It was real exciting," Blythe explained. "It has the old stadium look, and that was really neat about it. They have a good offense and they score a lot of points. They have a balanced offense; by running the ball to open up the pass, so I think the offensive line plays a big part in that offense.

"The first thing that comes to mind when you think about Notre Dame is the tradition that they have there, they're always on TV and the media coverage, and the tradition of Notre Dame football."

Blythe isn't particular what position he plays along the line in college. He just wants the opportunity to earn playing time.

"I think I'm projected as a guard or a center," Blythe said. "I don't think it really matters to me as long as I get to play. Wherever I play I'll be happy. Whatever style of offense I'll be happy.

"For my size, I think I have good quickness, and I think the coaches like that about me. I have the ability to pull. I like to be physical and stuff like that and hopefully that stands out to coaches. Sometimes I have trouble moving my feet on contact, because I can just shove guys down, so I think I can get better at sustaining blocks downfield."

Austin has scholarship offers from Iowa, Iowa State and Stanford already. He'd like to get out and visit as many schools as possible, but that will likely have to wait until the spring.

"I move right into wrestling now that football is over," Blythe said. "I wrestle heavyweight. As a freshman I got second and this past year I won the state title (46-1). I just have to go out and gets things done this year and bring my football mentality."

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