Commitment Tracker: Ed Fink

Ed Fink, middle linebacker from Belleville-Althoff, Ill., didn't have any scholarship offers to begin his senior season. He did not hesitate with his decision when one school noticed his playmaking abilities.

"The facilities at Kansas are fantastic," said Ed Fink. "The football complex is insane. I really like their linebackers coach [Bill Miller]. He really emphasized player-coach relationship. He told me even if I didn't go to Kansas to go to a school where I had a good relationship with the coaches.

"The linebackers coach [Miller] is pretty dang good. He has coached a lot of NFL players. I have looked up his background. He has been to a bunch of different schools and coached some great players. I have visited twice this season for the Southern Miss and Iowa State game. It's awesome up there. The people love it. The fans are crazy.

"They offered me October 16. I was extremely excited about the offer. My brother was recruited when I was younger. He is at Sacred Heart now. I saw him go through the process. It was just a great feeling. I had to pinch myself. It was really good. It was a dream I had always waited for."

The 6-foot-3, 221-pound prospect is uncertain of his college position, but he knows his strengths and areas to improve before arriving in Lawrence.

"I really don't know where they plan to play me," Fink said. "I play middle linebacker for my team. I am stronger than most people I play against. I feel like my instincts to the ball is a big strength. I fly right to the ball.

"I would like to improve my north-south speed. My lateral speed is very good. I have been timed at a 4.2 in the shuttle. I was clocked at a 4.83 in the 40. I would like to improve my speed."

Fink helped his team reach the play-offs, but lost in the first round. He recorded 149 tackles for the year.

Fink plans to enroll at Kansas next summer.

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