In-State commits talk GT-UGA

Georgia Tech's 2010 commitment list is all home-state recruits and Georgia usually fills their list with about 75 percent year after year. Some of the top talent in Georgia talk the rivalry here.

Scout caught up with some commitment from both schools to see what they had to say about this big in-state rivalry.

Georgia Tech

B.J. Bostic: "I look forward to this game every year. I am ready to play in it. I have watched it most of my life, but more as a Georgia fan, but now since I am committed to Georgia Tech I see it diferently. I will be there Saturday and I am fired up. I can't wait to play in this game because I will know a lot of guys on Georgia's team. It will be an in-state battle every year and it will be a big game. I know the stadium will be filled Saturday and I hope Georgia Tech runs away with it. I think Georgia Tech wins 42-20."

Shawn Green: "I think that this game is gonna be a good one. GT has been playing some really great football, even though Georgia has not been playing so good they still are going to put up a good game for GT, so we gotta be ready and not look at records. The thing I like most about the rivalry is the high competition. I look forward to playing against other in-state guys because it is true that the state of Georgia has the best football players in the country, so the competition will always be high to keep up a good rivalry. Growing up I didn't hear much about this rivalry game, but now I know all about it and can't wait to be apart of it. I think the score is going to be 42-14 GT."

Denzel McCoy: "This weekends game is going to be very exciting to be in the stands for. I wish I could be playing. I am close with a couple of the UGA commits and we have been talking about the game for a while now, so it should be interesting to see what happens. Hopefully we come out state champs two years in a row. I really look forward to playing against Garrison Smith and Brandon Burrows along with Kolton Houston as well, who are the three guys I know well in the class. And growing up living in Atlanta since I was in the 2nd grade, i have heard alot about this game. I actually even have a book on it. It is just a honor to be able to play in such a well know rivalry for the next 4-5 years."

Anthony Williams: "I am expecting a huge crowd at the game. I believe this rivalry is very fun to watch as a GT commit and I feel it won't be a rivlary for long. As a future Jacket I am just thankful I'll be able to be apart of the experience. Growing up watching Tech was a thing I loved to do so now being able to go to the games and soon be apart of them I just give thanks to God. I can't wait for Saturday. Go Jackets!"


Michael Bennett: "This game is huge, every year it is a battle. It doesn't matter what the records of either team is because it is always going to be a physical game that goes down to the wire. I'm looking forward to playing with and against some of the top guys in my state in this rivalry. Winner gets bragging rights for the whole year and I'm getting sick of hearing all these Tech fans talking smack since last year. So it's time the Dawgs get back on track and win this one. I say 45-42 Dawgs in 2OT."

Brandon Burrows: "I think that this particular rivalry is one of the more distinguished rivalries of them all. It's like the super bowl of college rivalries. I definitely cannot wait to play in this game. Especially because I've got a friend who's committed to Tech that I played pound ball with so this game will always be a big one. And growing up, this is definitely the rivalry I heard about most. It always seemed like such a big deal and when I was a kid, I really didn't understand why. But after committing, I now fully comprehend the magnitude of this game. As far as the outcome of the game goes, I really think it's going to be UGA on top, 27-24."

Kolton Houston: "I think it's going to be a great game. It's a rivalry the games are going to be close no matter their records for the year. When I get to Athens, I believe some of my most sacred memories will be playing against Tech because I will know most of them through my high school days. I've watched this game every Saturday after Thanksgiving for as long as I can remember! And with Georgia being the underdog and having the chance to ruin Tech's season, I think they pull away late, UGA 34 GT 21."

Alec Ogeltree: "My thoughts on the game this week are that I think it will be a really good game to watch and play in because it is an in state rivalry game. I mean you get to play against so many people you know and people you hear about around your state. I mean I have heard a lot about the UGA vs GT game for a long time but I never really payed it much attention because I wasn't a UGA or GT fan when I was younger. But I'm sure it will be a great game between the two. 25-24 Georgia hopefully."

Garrison Smith: "This is a great game. One of the biggest rivalries in football history. I look forward to playing against the players from Georgia that are going to GT. I have always watched this game every since I was a little boy and went to every game when my brother was at GT except when GT finally broke the loosing streak. But Coach Gailey recruited some amazing players and it should be a great match up! 53-45 UGA on top."

Georgia Tech commitment Morgan Bailey plans to send in his thoughts on this rivalry soon and his quotes will be placed in this feature as soon as we get them.

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