Jackson Down To His Final Eight

St.Petersburg (FL) Gibbs High School defensive end Tim Jackson has taken one official visit and has two others already scheduled. Will Iowa State be getting one of his final two visits?

"I'm not sure yet because I still haven't decided yet," said Jackson. "I took one official visit to Wake Forest in September and I'll be taking two official visits to Stanford and North Carolina in December. The other two schools that I'll will take official visits from will be from the other five schools that I am still considering which are Vanderbilt, Iowa State, Mississippi, Kentucky, and South Florida."

The 6-foot-5, 220-pound defensive end says that certain Florida connections helped Iowa State's chances for getting a possible visit. "I noticed that Jarvis West committed there and he's from my area," said Jackson. "I've also talked with Leonard Johnson about Iowa State one time."

Tim also has been keeping in contact with the Iowa State staff and has been impressed with how the Cyclones played this year. "I talk with Coach (Shane) Burnham once a week and we have a very solid relationship," said Jackson. "I've noticed that they have had some big wins this year which definitely shows that they are heading in the right direction and that they can definitely compete in the Big 12."

Tim says that he is still wide open and that he's not looking to make a decision for a while. "I've got my visits in December and then I want to take my other two visits in January," he said. "I plan on taking football out of the equation on my visits because I have to see if could be living in that city for the next four or five years."

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