Getting the Dream Back

Clive Walford is a talented tight end prospect from Glades Central High. Committed to Miami, Walford is gearing up for the state championship game this weekend.

Clive Walford committed to Miami earlier this year and remains committed to the Canes.

"I like the tradition that they have there," Walford said. "They pass to the tight ends and it showed this year. I just like the way they play and all that."

Walford, 6-foot-5 and 220 pounds, is now one of two tight end commitments for the Canes following the decision of Juco transfer Chase Ford to pick the Canes.

"You're gonna have competition wherever you go," he said. "They need tight ends and they've shown they'll throw it to them so I'm happy about that."

Walford said he took in one home game this season for himself and spoke about that experience.

"I went to the Oklahoma game," he said. "It was tremendous -- the players were hyped, the coaches were hyped."

The talented tight end prospect said he's excited about the future of the program.

"I mean they are coming up," he said. "When I was up there they said they are trying to get the dream back. I think it'll happen."

Walford, who calls Clint Hurtt his primary recruiter, says he still gets recruited by three other programs.

"USF still calls, UCF, and FIU," he said. "The only two visits I know for sure are to Miami and FIU for January. I might take more, we'll see."

In the meantime, Walford will try to help his Glades Central team win a Class 3A state championship against Cocoa this weekend.

"It's going pretty decent," he said. "We have a big game coming up. I got six touchdowns and over 400 yards receiving and 18 catches."

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