Skole Takes Official

Two-sport star and Georgia Tech commitment Jake Skole took his official visit this past weekend along with most of the Yellow Jacket commitments. He spoke with about his weekend visit.

Jake Skole - Profile

So how was the official visit?

"It was good. It went really well. I got to know the coaches better and the recruits really well, so that was nice."

What about the team banquet, how was that?

"It was Friday night. It was very good. We had an awesome dinner and they honored the team for making the Orange Bowl. They also honored the seniors and those who made All-ACC and stuff."

I've talked with fellow recruit Denzel McCoy, it seem you guys have a really good relationship?

"Yeah he's a good buddy of mine. I'm going to try to room with him. This weekend, Cooper Taylor and Daniel Drummond hung out with us two on Friday night and Saturday night the whole time. That was a lot of fun."

You have a brother, Matt, on the baseball team at Tech. Are you excited to get up there with him?

"Yeah, he'll help out a lot with baseball especially. We will know each other's tendencies from playing together growing up. He'll also help out for getting around campus and stuff."

So you are still planning on playing both football and baseball?

"That's the plan. I'm really excited! It's going to be good. The baseball team is going to be really good this year, too. They are supposed to go to Omaha."

So why did you choose Georgia Tech over other schools?

"Well, it came down to Vanderbilt, South Carolina, Georgia, Florida State, and Georgia Tech. It was just how close Tech was and having my brother there was huge. A lot of my family will be able to come and watch all my games."

How about positions for football, did you talk to the coaches any more about that this weekend?

"A little bit. They still aren't sure where they'll start me out at yet. With this weekend, when we met with position groups, I met with the safeties with Coach (Dave) Wommack the first time. Then I met with Coach ("Buzz") Preston and the A-backs. I prefer defense, it is just more natural for me. If the numbers are right, they said I may just get to pick where I start out at."

Do you plan on making the trip to the Orange Bowl?

"We're still debating it. My family wants to go. We're just talking about whether the whole family will go or just the immediate family."

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