Mason's Decision Coming Before Santa

ATHENS – Hutson Mason will make some college have a very Merry Christmas.

The Lassiter high quarterback says that he will decide where he is going to play college football before Christmas day.

Mason visited Georgia for the school's annual football gala and left very impressed with the Bulldogs.

"I was very impressed," he admitted. "I think Georgia does a good job. I think the facilities – everyone is going to come back impressed. I was able to spend time with Bennett, Olgetree, Burrows and Houston. There is no doubt that I would love to play with those guys. I also got to hang out with the team some, too."

Mason said he was not totally ready for all that goes along with the Gala – saying that he was overwhelmed with the love for the Bulldogs from their fans.

"I thought the Gala was unique – a lot of big-time donors there. They had a live auction there – it was crazy," he said. "Guys were just raising their hands left and right. We couldn't believe the type of money they were going for. The most interesting thing was to be able to fly out to the Colorado game with the team."

Mason would travel with Georgia to the Rockies if he ends up signing with them in February. But first Georgia is going to have to get past Clemson, where Mason is scheduled to visit in the middle of this week, and SEC foe Mississippi State.

"Will probably visit Clemson on Wednesday. I don't have any leaders. At that point I will have seen Georgia, Clemson and Mississippi State. I will sit down then and start looking at where I am going to go," he said.

The Bulldogs made a very good impression, however. Mason said he felt at home with Georgia's family atmosphere and that he was at ease with the Dawgs' commits and players.

"The commits at Georgia are guys who I would consider guys that I would hang out with," he said. "They are all goofy and immature like me. It was no sweat. We acted like we are all teammates for a long time – it means something when that happens. Even the parents were cool. They were encouraging me to make the right decision. It was a family atmosphere. There was a mom and dad for every kid there – I think that says a lot."

Perhaps Mason was eager to just relax and have fun – to move away from the usual grind of recruiting.

"Recruiting can get old," he admitted. "It can be a stressful situation. There is only one quarterback on the field at one time. If you make the incorrect decision it could cost you your career. Coach Richt told me to be at piece with it and to think about the type of people you are dealing with. Georgia is not going to lie to you. Coach Richt is the type of guy I would want to play for."

The signal caller said that he understands all that goes along with playing or even being offered a scholarship by Georgia. Having grown up in north Atlanta, Mason is acutely aware of the attention paid to all things Georgia.

"When Georgia offers you that means you are almost a celebrity – that happens more than with Tech," he asserted. "I was just walking around at the Gala and folks know who you are – it was crazy… crazy. It is a special thing to say that you have the chance to play at the state school. People around here were going crazy. People around here live and die with Georgia football. I think it has hit them that I could be playing for Georgia."

Mason said he is not comfortable with being only a good high school quarterback.

"I have reached one stepping stone, and I have to take another one. I don't want to just be known as a good high school quarterback – I want to be a great college one, too. I have to continue to work hard," he said.

The question is now simple for Mason: Where does his next step take him?

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