2009 Crab Bites: Offensive Impact-Baltimore

Scout.com is at practice this week for the 2009 Maryland Crab Bowl. The game will consist of the Baltimore Team versus the Washington Team. Once again this year provides a look at the best talent in the state for a week of practices leading up to the game to be played on Saturday, Dec. 19th at 1 p.m.

We continue with this year's coverage looking at the early impressions from the offensive side of the Baltimore Team.

Quarterbacks -

Billy Cosh has been on the money throughout the first two sessions. Having his offensive coordinator from high school in the same role for the Baltimore Team certainly has its advantages for Cosh. He has command of the huddle and knows where to go on each play. He has also made a good impression on his teammates. Josh Bordner looks good as well. He is a tall athletic player that looks comfortable moving around the pocket. He has a strong arm and seems to enjoy the pass happy offense he is running this week.

Running Backs -

Zach Zwinak runs with an attitude on every play. He has great feet after he plows through the initial hole. Willie Williams has shown a good burst to the outside. He has some power to break tackles as well. Vince Snarski is a lesser known player that is showing well. He is a compact running back that does the little things well, like picking up the defensive pass rushers.

Wide Receivers -

If not the Washington Team running backs than this may be the most impressive group along with the Washington Team defensive backs so it should make for a great matchup. Adrian Coxson is having his normal impact. He is so strong and plays the ball so well. He is adjusting to some of the routes but continues to make plays on defensive backs. Ronnie Harris and Cosh have been in sync which is expected since they are high school teammates. Harris has exceptional route running skills and catches everything he gets his hands on. Matt Robinson is a quarterback's best friend. He is a terrific athlete and with his size (6'4", 210 lbs.) he is a physical mismatch for defensive backs. His great leaping ability has helped him dominate when battling for the high balls. He is a mismatch even for the bigger safeties. Ryan Dixon has shown great hands and some elusiveness after the catch. He continues to get behind defensive backs as well.

Offensive Line -

Mike Pitz is strong at the point of contact and has been winning his match ups. He has some good feet for his size. He has good upper body strength. Hussam Ouri is by far the strongest guy of the group. He is all day tough and goes to the whistle every play. Thomas Erdman has shown excellent speed pulling and getting to his downfield blocks. He is undersized (230 lbs.) but has good athleticism for an offensive linema

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