2009 Crab Bites: Defensive Impact-Baltimore

Scout.com is at practice this week for the 2009 Maryland Crab Bowl. The game will consist of the Baltimore Team versus the Washington Team. Once again this year provides a look at the best talent in the state for a week of practices leading up to the game to be played on Monday, Dec. 21st at 7 p.m.

We continue with this year's coverage looking at the early impressions from the defensive side of the Baltimore Team.

Defensive Line -

Josh Alaeze brings good speed off the edge from the defensive end position. He is solid against the run and can get out on the swing passes. Andre Monroe is a load to move. He has excellent quickness and plays with very good leverage. He has good technique and can stuff the gap. Forrest Mason has a nice blend of size (6'4", 245 lbs.) and speed. He can play the edge and also put a hand down. He has a good frame and physically passes the eye test. Willie Williams is one of the more versatile guys on the Baltimore Team. Originally listed to play running back Williams has found himself on defense and is making the most of the opportunity. He lines up as defensive end and linebacker. He has been doing well penetrating into the backfield consistently. He is muscular with a good motor.

Linebackers -

Nick Forbes is an absolute stud. He is one of the most physically impressive kids I have seen at the high school level. He plays with great enthusiasm. He can run and he hits with attitude. He is an athlete you don't often see at the linebacker position. He has all the tools and is a natural leader. The other players want to be around him all the time. Bobby Partilla plays with good intensity and can move well. He is a well built kid and has the ability to make plays sideline to sideline. Nathan Ayers is another season standout on both sides of the ball. He is playing defense this week. He isn't the biggest linebacker at 5'9" and 190 lbs. but he does have great speed and matches up well with the slot receiver. He gets to the edge well and stuffs the hole quickly.

Defensive Backs –

Let me say I have great respect for this defensive back group. The Baltimore Team is running a no huddle spread offense. They keep running no huddle play after play in practice. The defensive backs have been pushed almost every snap in practice. Kevin Johnson has been very consistent all week against his team's loaded group of wide receivers and quarterbacks. He has very good technique and rides the hip well with the best route runners. He has the height to battle for the high balls. Emmanuel Gbor has good closing speed and will lay out to break up a pass. He has some size to help in run support as well. Nick Marth and Kalvin Seamonson both played quarterback for their high school teams. They are playing defensive back for the game and are playing well in practice. Both are smart players that take good angles and are in good position most of the time.

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