Mason picked UGA for many reasons

At first Georgia was not planning to take a quarterback, then late in 2009 they decided they needed one in the class of 2010. The Dawgs offered Hutson Mason a few weeks ago and he took them up on their offer.

"I picked Georgia for a lot of different reasons," said Hutson Mason a few days before he announced his decision publicly on Tuesday night.

"One, I will be very happy at Georgia with or without football. I like the people there, I like the campus there, I like the student body, and I just enjoy being in Athens. If I never even got to play, I know I would be happy there."

"Two, I have the opportunity to play for a guy like Mark Richt. He is strong in faith like me and that came into play."

"Three, I am looking forward to playing for a coach like Mike Bobo. Coach Bobo knows how to prepare quarterbacks for college games and to play in the NFL. He played at Georgia too, so he has been through it all there and he knows the game very well."

It came down to UGA and MSU.
"Four, the talent that Georgia has now combined with what is coming in makes it very exciting to be a Bulldog. Georgia has some top recruits in this class and I have bonded with some of them. I am already close with Kolton Houston, Michael Bennett, and Brandon Burrows and I feel this class is going to be great."

Just a few weeks after the Dawgs extended the offer to Mason, he made his decision. He did not want to wait too long and Georgia could not wait long either.

"I had already talked to Coach Bobo and Coach [Stacy] Searels about a timeline for a decision. I know they needed to know something so they knew if they needed to offer another quarterback or not, so they let me know when they needed to know by. I thought about it, took some visits (Georgia, Clemson, and Mississippi State) here recently, and me and my family decided that Georgia was the right place for me."

"I did not feel rushed, I knew I was ready, and I would not have committed unless I was sure about everything. I know I want to go to Georgia and I am looking forward to getting there."

The 6-foot-3, 200 pound signal caller out of Marietta (GA) Lassiter knew the Dawgs were interested early on, but he wasn't sure about an offer coming.

Coach Bobo saw him workout over the spring during the evaluation period, then Mason camped at Georgia over the summer, but still no offer. Coach Bobo complimented the senior QB and eventually that awaited offer came.

"I was sitting in Coach Bobo's office after Georgia's camp and he told me that he liked me and all that, but that he did not think Georgia was going to sign a quarterback this year," Mason stated. "He told me if they decided to, then he would let me know. Georgia came by the school in early December, then they called me a few days later and offered me a scholarship. I was kind of surprised by the offer, but I never really thought much about it. I was excited when I did get though."

Mason tried not to get too caught up in the early offers of other quarterbacks out there and how things got off to a slow start for him. He was expecting offers early in 2009, but it did not go they he thought it would.

The poised 2010 quarterback did not let that affect him. He is a man of faith and believed God had a plan for him and it ended like he wanted it to.

Bobo has a great reputation of coaching QBs in Athens.
"A lot of people were doubting me, saying I wasn't good enough for big offers, my arm was not strong enough, and things like that, but I just did not listen to all of that."

"I kept working hard, praying to God, and I just know patience is a virtue. I waited later than many others to get the big offers, but I got Virginia, Georgia, Florida State, and Mississippi State late, so it all worked out. I knew it would come and it did, so I just did not pay attention to those saying I wasn't good enough to play in the SEC and let the Lord lead the way."

Mason now is a firm commitment to the home-state Bulldogs and he is ready to go to work. He is excited about the coaches he is going to play for and the players he is going to be playing with as well.

The Dawgs signed two quarterbacks in 2009 in Aaron Murray and Zach Mettenberger. Both enrolled last January and have been there almost a full year now.

Neither played in 2009 and there is a lot of talk about the possibility of Logan Gray moving out to wide receiver, so Mason could walk into Athens being the number three quarterback on the depth chart in June.

Even though the guys already there are very talented and received more press coming out of their high schools, Mason feels he can compete with all of them.

"I look at this like I am the underdog because of who is already there, who offered those guys, and all of that. I am just going to work my butt off with my quaterback coach David Archer, get whatever I can from Coach Bobo after I sign, and get ready to compete."

"Coach Richt told me it will all be up to Logan whether he moves to receiver or not, so if he does, it will give me an even better shot because it will be just three of us at quarterback when I get there. I am going into Athens to compete with some of the best in the country at my position and I am excited about it. Competition is only going to make us all better, so I am ready to help the team in any way I can."

Helping the team to championships is something Mason sees happening down the road between the hedges. The combination of coaches and players have him seeing big results during his time in Athens.

Michael Bennett and Mason already have connected.
"I am going to put on some weight, get stronger, work hard, and be ready to be part of the team when I get there," said the QB that threw for over 4,500 yards and 55 touchdowns in 2009. "I want to win and I think we can at Georgia. I think we can compete for SEC titles and National titles at Georgia and I am going to do whatever I can help make that happen. I would love to be the quarterback that leads Georgia to the championships, but I am just compete and then see who rises to the top in the end."

UGA rose to the top of Mason's list in the end and he could not be happier about his decision. It did not play out the way he expected to from beginning to the end, but it is not about where you start, but about where you finish.

He finished on the commitment list of one of the winningest programs in the country over the last decade.

"Recruiting is definitely stressful and I sometimes could not sleep at night because I was thinking about it, but I prayed, let God lead the way for me, and I ended up in a great place."

"It feels great to be a Georgia Bulldog and when I told Georgia I was committing to them last week it felt like a huge burden off my shoulders. They are excited to have me, I am excited to be a Bulldog, and I can't wait to get there."

"I actually grew up a Tennessee fan, but I have gone out now and bought some Georgia gear and actually took some Christmas pictures in them already. I was once a huge Vol fan, but I am now all about the Dawgs."

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