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MYRTLE BEACH, SC --- Case McCoy will leave Myrtle Beach after playing the Offense-Defense All-American Bowl and fly straight to Pasadena to see his brother Colt play in the national championship game. He talked about growinig up in the McCoy family and more in this interview.

Offense-Defense All-American Bowl
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Case, first, what did it mean to be selected to this game?
Oh, it’s awesome to be up here and build the relationships that we’ve been able to build, meet guys we’ll hopefully be able to play against in the future at an extremely high level. Everyone here is an extremely good athlete.

Is it tough on the quarterbacks to have to work with new receivers and even your center?
Right, it is, it is. That’s what you do all year long, build relationships with your running backs and receivers, but up here, there are unbelievable athletes everywhere. They’re fast and I have to learn how to lead them, but like I said, it’s really about building relationships and having a great week.

So what is your plan from here, are you going home first or going straight to the Rose Bowl?
From here, I’m stepping on another plane and heading to Pasadena to see my brother play.

How has that been watching him go through his college career and now finish it in the national title game>
Oh it’s a dream come true. It’s been a dream for the both of us. I played in the state championship a couple weeks ago, came up one point short, but hopefully his path goes a little bit differently. It’s a great time for him and he’s extremely lucky to be able to finish out the season like this.

You committed to Texas pretty early, right?
I committed to Texas on February 4th.

Did you look at other schools extensively or was Texas always a foregone conclusion?
I did. I looked at several other schools from the beginning. Lord willing, I was able to be recruited by several other schools and it came down to where I felt was the right place for me and the family environment that Texas provides and I feel like it’s been a great decision so far.

Is there competition between the brothers?
There’s definitely competition with three boys growing up together and dad’s the head football coach, there’s competition everywhere, whether it’s who can eat the most or throw the ball the farthest, anything we do is competition. At the same time, we have a tremendous relationship and he’s gone through it and he’s willing to help me get through it.

How helpful has it been to have your brother and your dad as not only football coaches, but for life matters?
It’s been tremendous. We both have similar game playing styles and we both learned that from our dad, but more importantly, our dad’s a great guy, a great coach and knows a lot. Between watching Colt and the way my dad coaches, I have big shoes to fill.

Well, Colt's leaving, you're coming in, so talking to the coaches and looking at the depth chart, what are the chances that you step in next year?
Well, you know, not many people have a Cinderella story like Colt did, coming in and starting as a freshman, but I’m just going to show up and work hard from day one, just instill a strong work ethic and see where it goes from there. There are some tremendous players there and some great guys I’m going to be able to learn from. When the time comes and my number is called, hopefully I’ll be ready.

Now you know, the West has never won this game.
That’s what I was told earlier.

As one of the quarterbacks, one of the leaders, what do you think needs to happen for that to change?
Well you know, I guess, I don’t know why that is. Great athletes come out of Texas and California, but like I said, there are great athletes on both teams here and its going to be a fun week to play with everybody and hopefully the West side comes out on top.

The Offense-Defense All-American Bowl is at 5pm EST on Saturday and can be seen on Fox College Sports.

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