USAAAB East Positional Rankings

Eighty of the nation's top players are in San Antonio this week for the U.S. Army All-American Bowl and has been keeping a close eye on every practice so far. The team of recruiting guys covering the practices for Scout this week put their heads together and came up with position rankings based on their performances this week.

Quarterback - Paul Jones - sto rox (PA)
Top Quarterbacks
1. Paul Jones
2. Barry Brunetti
3. A.J. Derby
"The one chink in Jones' armor has been his accuracy and he's dispelled that this week, looking extremely accurate to his guys in competition. His arm strength is unmatched by anyone I've seen, anywhere.  Physically, he's dropped 15 pounds since the season and looks to be in tremendous shape.  He needs to improve on his decision making from time to time, because he still has the one flaw in his game where he tries to force something that is not there.  As I've said before, and others here have confirmed, he reminds us of Donovan McNabb." – Bob Lichtenfels

Running Back - Marcus Lattimore - byrnes (Sc)
Top Running Backs
1. Marcus Lattimore
2. Silas Redd
2. Spencer Ware
"The nation's top running back, he started off slowly, but he's shown good vision and balance, he hits the whole quick, doesn't do much dancing or juking, and gets to the next level.  He's a very good receiver out of the backfield and he's the best overall blocker of the three guys on the east time and the best part about him is that he's a leader, he's very competitive and has a strong desire to win." – Bob Lichtenfels

Wide Receiver - Kyle Prater - proviso west (IL)
Top Receivers
1. Kyle Prater
2. Markeith Ambles
3. Christian Green
4. Ivan McCartney
"In my opinion, Prater's the best receiver in the country.  He excels in every facet of the game and he's a matchup problem for any corner due to his 6-5 frame.  The most impressive aspect of his game is his ability to adjust to a poorly thrown ball and his ability to go up and get anything thrown to him." – Bob Lichtenfels

Tight End - Gerald Christian - dwyer (FL)
Top Tight Ends
1. Gerald Christian
"Christian started out as a linebacker, was shifted to tight end on Tuesday, which is where projects him, and he excelled in the short to intermediate passing game.  He looked very good in his in-line blocking in the short period of time that the east worked on their running game." – Bob Lichtenfels

Offensive Line - Robert Crisp - athens drive (nc)
Top O-Linemen
1. Robert Crisp
2. Brandon Linder
3. Christian Lombard
4. Quinton Spain
"The East offensive line hasn't looked spectacular but Crisp has been one of the few bright spots.  He's very athletic on the hoof.  He could use a year in a strength and conditioning program to work on his lower body development.  He's shown his versatility here by playing center, guard or tackle." – Bob Lichtenfels

Defensive linemen - Sharrif Floyd - george washington (PA)
Top D-Lineman
1. Sharrif Floyd
2. Ego Ferguson
3. Jeff Whitaker
4. Jacques Smith
"To me, who looks to me the player who is the most college ready.  As I've said all week, he's one of the most athletic big men that I've seen in my time covering this game.  It's rare to not see some flaw in each kids game, but Floyd is one person we've had a hard time finding that flaw." – Bob Lichtenfels

Linebacker - Mike Hull - canon mcmillan (pa)
Top Linebackers
1. Mike Hull
2. Chris Martin
2. Khairi Fortt
3. Blake Lueders
"Hull is a warrior.  He's one of those kids who doesn't say a whole lot.  He's a blue-collar, lunch bucket guy who just shows up every day and dominates.  Linebacker U makes it very difficult for a kid to come in and play as a true freshman but Mike Hull might be the exception to the rule." – Bob Lichtenfels


defensive backs - Keenan Allen - northern guilford (nc)
Top Defensive Backs
1. Keenan Allen
2. Christian Bryant
3. Cullen Christian
4. Jaylen Watkins
5. Matt Elam
"After Monday's practice, when he had four pick-sixes, you would automatically expect a letdown the next day.  Within the first hour of Tuesday's practice, Allen blocked two field goals.  He's just one of those players who always seems to be around the ball and make things happen." – Bob Lichtenfels

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