Hill Visits With Bulldog Coaching Trio

Brandon Hill committed to Mississippi State on Junior Day. The versatile standout has never wavered in his decision and he is simply waiting for signing day to make his pledge official. Earlier today, Brandon's future head coach, Dan Mullen stopped by his school to see how things were going.

Brandon Hill profile

"Coach Dan Mullen came to see me personally today," said Hill. "Coach Hughes and Coach Turner came with him. They came to the school and they are coming back to my house at 7 tonight."

The Bulldogs head man noticed that Brandon has been working out and bulking up for college.

"Coach Mullen said it looks like I am getting bigger," chuckled Hill. "I got to tell him I made honor roll for the last semester. We talked about about how well I am doing with everything."

The school visit did not allow for a lot of extensive conversation, so Brandon and his parents will have time this evening to go over the future in a lot more detail.

"We are going to talk more about everything tonight," said Hill. "I am going to ask him a lot more questions. I want to know where they want to play me. They have talked about strong safety or wide receiver. Those two are my favorites, but I can play linebacker too. I like that too. It doesn't really matter. I just want to know."

An official visit to Starkville will take place in two weeks and Brandon will be assisting the coaches in the recruitment of a few athletes.

"I am visiting on 22nd," said Hill. "They said Damien Robinson is going to be there, so they want me to help with the recruiting on him. I don't have a problem with any of that."

Brandon has had the chance to meet most of his teammates of the future and he stays in touch with a few on a regular basis.

"I am in touch with Michael Carr and Curtis Virges a good bit," said the West Lowndes standout. "I stay in touch with Curtis the most.

"I met most everybody at the games this year. I got to meet Jamerson Love, Jameon Lewis, Kaleb Eulls and most everybody.

"I was aleady cool with Matthew Wells, Asian Ruff and Vincent Sanders. I am originally from Noxubee, so I know him pretty good. I talk to Vincent some and you just don't know what he is going to go. There's just no telling with him."

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